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The craftsman
Vol. XVII, Number 3 (December 1909)

Goetchius, Marie Louise
The work of living: a story,   pp. 258-265 PDF (2.8 MB)

Higgins, Aileen Cleveland
"An angel darkeneth the pool...",   p. 265 PDF (260.6 KB)

Page 265

the strength and power of speech she had so desired. She felt words
at her command which were as detached shreds of her soul, words
which could fly like the spray from a torch in the wind illuminatingly
through darkness. She knew that if she chose to speak now 'se
could show her husband by mere force of word all the muffled in-
stincts of years back, all the longings for years to come.
   But with this revelation of power came also a pitiless clearness of
vision. She looked beneath the moment and saw the stamp it would
press on her husband's spirit. He had failed her unknowingly and
beyond recall-she could now fail him deliberately in return. She
stared about her. The room with its home-made curtains, bright
gaslight, carefully chosen books and ornaments, her husband's
desk piled with scribbled notes and manuscript, her workbox, the
children's coats-all these things seemed to appeal mutely to her.
She turned from them to her husband. He appeared suddenly very
small and gentle and eager to serve her as he knew service.
   Then as she looked at him, her eyes grew dim and tender, and like
a thick soft cloak, something of no name descended, enveloping, upon
her. She felt her nakedness blend mysteriously with its quiet cover-
ing, and it was as if she had said aloud-" I shall know myself, but
no one else shall know me."
   Slowly she sank into her own chair near the table.
   "No, David," she said, "I won't go to bed yet, but you
shall read
to me."
          THAT there may be no picturing to read,
          T     No glimpse of coming grief,
                Nor dazzle of a joy for us to heed
          Before its meted hour-
          For this, the angel darkens now
          The waters of the pool
          And none may question when nor how
          The Vision-depths will clear.
                                AILEEN CLEVELAND HIGGINS.

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