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Gustav Stickley (ed.) / The craftsman
Vol. XIV, Number 4 (July 1908)

Bungalow furnishings of wood and metal that can be made at home,   pp. 442-446 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 445

they are riveted to the standard with a
band. The standard extends about 14
inches above the large band, and at the
top is fastened the smaller band, which
measures 15 inches in diameter. This
second band is made in precisely the
same manner as the large one, the edges
being turned over a wire. The candle
brackets are made of the same size
tubing bent in the same way, the only
difference being that the upper ones are
shorter. The candle saucers are allowed
to rest on top of the small band, and the
three-pronged support in this band is
made just like the lower one. The
detail drawing gives the full construc-
tion of the candle brackets on the large
band, and also a section of the band.
Square rivets should be used in the
band only, all the other parts of the
constructing demanding round-headed
  The second candelabrum shows a
combination   of candle and    electric
lights, one electric light in the center
and two candle lights on each side.
This piece stands 4 feet 6 inches high,
and is constructed of iron, with an iron
reflector in the back. The electric wire
might be attached through the center
tube, coming out through the bottom,
where it could be connected with a floor
plug. In case the house is not wired
for electric light, three candles may be
used. To make this piece, select for the
standard a iy4-inch round iron tube
about No. 12 gauge. This should be
flared at both ends; at the bottom to
allow the electric wire to slip freely
without causing any damage to the
wire, and at the top to fit the shoulder
or the pan that contains the three candle
cups and saucers. The construction of
the feet is similar to that already de-
scribed. The pan that holds the candle
cups is about 12 inches in diameter, con-
caved about Y of an inch. This is set
on top of the tube that is flared to fit
neatly to the pan, and securely riveted.
Two candle cups are then made in the
same size and shape as already shown
in detail of the larger candelabrum. If
electric lights are used, the central cup
or saucer must be attached with a Y-
inch "bushing." An ordinary Edison
key socket is used in this case. The
reflector is made of No. 18 gauge sheet
iron and is concaved about ix2 inches,
or enough to set over the 12-inch cir-
cular pan that holds the candle cups.
The inside of this reflector should be
highly polished in order to increase the
intensity of the light and the edge
should be filed round and smoothed

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