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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Tulip ware of the Pennsylvania-German potters : an historical sketch of the art of slip-decoration in the United States

Chapter II: The Pennsylvania-German dialect and literature,   pp. [17]-28

Page 22

The difference between the local dialect as written and
spoken by the Pennsylvania Germans will be apparent in the
double rendering of the following proverbs, which are quoted
by Dr. Hoffman:
Written: "Leben und leben lassen."
Spoken: "Mer mus lewa un lossa lewa."
Translation: Live and let live.
Written: "Er nenmt den Stier bei den Hornern."
Spoken: "Ar nemt der bull bai da harner."
Translation: He takes the bull by the horns.
Written: "Neua Besen kehren sauber."
Spoken: "Naia besa kara gut." -
Translation: New brooms sweep clean.
Written: "Eine blinde San findet auch alzemal eine Echol."
Spoken: "En blindti sau findt a alsamol 'n echel."
Translation: Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.
Written: "Wenn ich Geld hab geh ich ins Wirthshaus;
Wenn ich keins hab bleib ich draus."
Spoken: "Wan ich Geldt hab geh ich ins Wartshaus;
Wan ich kens hab blai-wich draus."
Translation: When I have money I go into the tavern;
When I have none I stay outside.
The following passages, quoted from a little volume, en-
titled Gemidlde aus dem Penlsylvanischen Volksleben, by L. A.
Wollenweber, will perhaps convey even a better idea of the
peculiarities of the provincial idiom, as it obtains in eastern
Pennsylvania. In a description of winter, with its pastimes
and enjoyments, he writes:
"Dann kommts Schlittefahre, wie gehts do net manch-
mol drunner un driiwer, un wie gehts do ans Esse un Trinke,
partikuliir hinter die Minz- un Pot-pays.-Un gar's jung
Volk! wie geht das an.-Do ischts G'wilde, 's Appelbutter-
koche, 's Schlittefahre, 's Fralike un's Spdirke, ohne End."

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