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Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837) / Temple of Flora, or, Garden of the botanist, poet, painter, and philosopher.

Strelitzia Reginae; or, Queen Plant.

Un check'd by danger, unsubdu'd by toil,
                He climbs where mountains rise on mountains roll'd,
              Nor seeks the ores that glow beneath the soil,
                But "views the mine without a wish for gold."
              His pride, on every land, in every clime,
                From the low shrub that clothes the arid plain,
              To where the cedar waves her boughs sublime,
                Careful to trace the vegetable reign.
              Crown of his labours! this imperial flower,
                Wafted from burning Afric's rugged scene,
              'Neath Britain's better skies, in happier hour,
                Enjoys the patronage of Britain's QUEEN!
              Grac'd by her Name + its shining petals boast
                Above the rest to charm her favouring eyes,
              Though Flora brings from every clime her host
                Of various odours and of varied dyes.+
              While Royal NYMPHS, fair as the Oreade race
                Who trod Eurota's brink, or Cynthus' brow,
              Snatch from the wreck of time each fleeting grace,
                And bid its leaves with bloom perennial glow!
                                             JAMES HENRY PYE.
 + 'Ibis plant was named by Sir Joseph Banks in honour of her present Majesty;
who, together with the Princesses, cultivate the
Science of Botany, and have attained a proficiency in this science, such
as none that I know of in the inferior ranks have equalled.
 + Virgins attendant on Diana.
  There is not a plant in the Gardens of Kew (which contain all the choicest
productions of the habitable globe) but has been either
drawn by her gracious Majesty, or some of the Princesses, with a grace and
skill which reflect on these personages the highest honour.

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