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Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652; Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707; Webb, John, 1611-1672 / The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury Plain, restored, by Inigo Jones ... To which are added, the Chorea gigantum, or Stone-Heng restored to the Danes, by Doctor Charleton; and Mr. Webb’s Vindication of Stone-Heng restored, in answer to Dr. Charleton’s reflections; with observations upon the orders and rules of architecture in use among the ancient Romans. Before the whole are prefixed, certain memoirs relating to the life of Inigo Jones; with his effigies, engrav’d by Hollar; as also Dr. Charleton’s, by P. Lombart; and four new views of Stone-Heng, in its present situation: with above twenty other copper-plates, and a compleat index to the entire collection

Stone-Heng restored,   pp. 1-72 ff.

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   1 S6T o                         -HE N        Reflored.
          rones & Confuks. The prefixed Day being come, they all, without
          delay, met in the aforefaid Town, and began their Treaty for Peace;
          when therefore Hengift Jaw fit Time for Execution of his intend-
          ed Treafon, he cried out, giving the W ord, NEMET OURE SAXAS
erftleganch.5. (NEM EOWRL SEAXES (faith Verfegan) that is, take your SEAXES;
          a Kind of crooked Knives, which each of the Saxons then car-
          ried clofely in his Pocket) and forthwith feifed'upon Vortigern,
          and held him by  his Robe. The Saxons quickly hearing it, drew
          forth their Knives, and fell upon the Britains flanding by, of whom,
          "part Noblemen, part Officers of State, expeting no fuch 5Deflgn,
          they flew four hundred and fixty.    6Zuorum corpora beatus El-
 poflinodum fepelivit, atque Chrifliano more humavit, haud
          longs e KAER-CARADANE, que nunc Salesberia dicitur, in ceme-
          terio, quod efljuxta cxnobium Ambrii. W/hofe Corpfes holy Eldad,
          according to Cufom, after Chr/lian Manner interred, not far from
          KAER-CARADANE, now called Salisbury, in the Church-yard adjoyn-
          ing to the MonalJerj of Arnbresbuty.     .
Mat. Wefl. .With this Relation of the Saxons Treachery, Matthew JVleflmin.
f. 84.   ftier (in his Flores Hfloriarum) feems to agree. And it wholly
          defiroys the Opinion commonly received, that the faid Treaty
          with the Saxons, the Maffacre of the Britains, and likewife their
          Interment, were at Stone-Heng; and that in Memory of thofe
          Matters fo tranfa&ed there, Al.,lmbrojius in the fame Place ere&-
Houi"j,. Lr, ed this Antiquity. Wherefore, I much wonder, our modern Hi-
Speed Y3 -. florians fhould cite the aforefaid Authors in Confirmation thereof,
o o.   '" .efpecially, when they affirm dire&ly, the Treaty was held in Am.e
          bresbury Town, and that the Britijb Nobility fell by Treafon there.
          Jul/'t; Vortigernus & cives & Saxones Mails Kalendis, qux jam
G. vMo . r. infare incipiebant, juxta Ambrii cenobium convenire (faith 7.  on-
          mouth) Vortigerfn commanded both his own People, and the Saxons,
          upon the Calends of May then approaching, to appear near to the
          Monaflery of Ambresbury. In 9Pago Ambri convenire, to meet in
          the Town it ftl of Ambresbury (faith Matthew Weflminfler.) In
          Order to which Summons, (that I may proceed with Jefrey Mon-
          mouth's Story explaining himfelfpofitively concerning the Place) fla-
          tuta die inkante convenerunt omnes intra nominatam urbem, &c.
          the appointed Vay being come; al of them met together within the
          ftrena , ed Town, and there treated. The Iffue whereof was, that
          upon the Word given (as before related) The Saxons drew their
          Kmves, and falling upon the Britains Jdandig by, flew them. And,
          Jeft Pofterity fhould doubt thofe facrificed for their Country's Caufe
          negleaed in their Funerals, he leaves not there, but gives us the dire&
          Place, and manner of their Burial, affirming plainly they were bu-
          ried by a Metropolitane of thofe Times, even in a Church-yard, as
          Chriftians fhould. In cameterio, quod efl juxta cenobium, In the
          Church-yard, cloje y the Monalery, (faith he.) There is not one
          Word mentioned (I pray obferve) of Salisbury Plain, where this
          Antiquity Stone-Heng remains, throughout all their Story.
             But, it's obje&ed, although they were ,buried at the Monallery,
          -the Monument for their Memory, might be fet up elfewhere, in
          ,a Place more proper, and more confpicuous; even, as in the mofi
          properly confpicuous Places where great Ahons happened, Trophies

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