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Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652; Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707; Webb, John, 1611-1672 / The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury Plain, restored, by Inigo Jones ... To which are added, the Chorea gigantum, or Stone-Heng restored to the Danes, by Doctor Charleton; and Mr. Webb’s Vindication of Stone-Heng restored, in answer to Dr. Charleton’s reflections; with observations upon the orders and rules of architecture in use among the ancient Romans. Before the whole are prefixed, certain memoirs relating to the life of Inigo Jones; with his effigies, engrav’d by Hollar; as also Dr. Charleton’s, by P. Lombart; and four new views of Stone-Heng, in its present situation: with above twenty other copper-plates, and a compleat index to the entire collection

Memoirs relating to the life and writings of Inigo Jones, esq.

          MEMOIRS of the LIFE of
 Years. And yet the fame Mr. JJood tells us, in another
 Part, of the very fame Book, that Mr. Jones dy'd about
 -Midfmmer-day in the Year following. And this laft Ac-
 count feems the more authentick, as it refers to a very cir-
 cumflantial Note at the Bottom of the Page, which fpeci-
 fies the particular Time and Place of his Interment. 'Tis
 there faid that he was buried in the Chancel of St. Bennet's
 Church, near St. Paul's Wharf, in London, on the 26th of
 June, 165 2. His Monument was placed on the North
 Wall, at fome Diftance from his Grave, and was much de.
 fac'd by the great Fire of London, which broke out in the
 Year 1666.
   We have already obferv'd, that Mr. Jones's Book was
not publifh'd in his Life-time. Ths Office was left to the
Care of Mr. John Webb, of Butleigh in Somerfe./hire,
who in the Year 165 5, fent it Abroad in a fmall Folio,
under the Title of, The Antiquities of Stone-ieng on Sa-
lisbury-Plain Reflored5 and prefix'd to it Mr. J7ones's Ef-
figies, eatch'd by Hollar, after a Painting of IVandyke's.
As there were but few Copies originally printed, and thefe
not much difpers'd during the fevere Affliion of the great
Plague, the moft part of the Impreflion was confum-d in
the Fire of London the Year following. And by this means
being become extremely fcarce, and at the fame time much
fought after by the Curious, as well for the Singularity of
the Subje&, as the Reputation of the Author, the Copies
have rofe in their Value to an immenfe Degree, and were
Rill not eafy to be procured at any Expence.
Mr. John Webb, to whom we owe the Publication of
Mr. Jones's Book, was a Perfon of Credit and Charader,
was born in London, brought up at Merchant-Taylors
School, afterwards refided in Mr. Jones's Family, married
his Kinfwoman, was inffruaed by him in Mathematicks and
Architedure, and defign'd his Succeffor in the Office of
Surveyor-General. But he was prevented by Sir John
Denham, whofe fuperior Intereft procur'd the Reverfion
of it to himfelf, and he enjoy'd it till the Day of his
Death. About three Years after the Publication of Mr.
Jones's Book, Mr. Webb printed an Eflay, to prove, The
original Language was that of Chinas which he afterwards
improv'd and enlarg'd: And the Manufcript is faid to be
                               "                  iill

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