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Nieuhof, Johannes, 1618-1672 / An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, emperor of China: delivered by their excellencies Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking wherein the cities, towns, villages, ports, rivers, &c. in their passages from Canton to Peking are ingeniously described by John Nieuhoff; also an epistle of Father John Adams, their antagonist, concerning the whole negotiation; with an appendix of several remarks taken out of Father Athanasius Kircher; Englished and set forth with their several sculptures by John Ogilby

An exact relation of the embassy sent by the East-India Company of the United Provinces to the Grand Tartar Cham, or Emperor of China, delivered at Peking the Imperial City &c.,   pp. 1-139 ff.

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A o teths.and E rlodieat tr oCpanj e 
of our Expeidition fdrwvard And backward- came to 431. d.S1~i~  hc 
E09CE11CL dLMLICU1AL .JllJc aUALI or yuu&1. 2 S  . 4wang. 
And for all thefe Prefents.. and tkreat trouble of fo danttrrous ad d long-"
Travelwe effeeed nothing elfe, but that the Holanders were receiv'd as Friends
by the Emperor of China, and might return eight years hence to Salute his
perial Majefly, according to the Contents of the foremention'd Letter, which
the Great Chan writ to the Governor.General at Bata-via. 
And though through the means and Deligns of the 1Portuagefe Jefaits, as has
been otel mention-d, our Bullnels did not lucceed with tie Lmperor accord-
ye ars ouaw b te   Yi f.ming wLil beLIA  ; &LIU ot vanagLIeU of OFL Tr-
years ffhall be expir'd, fometihing will be done to the advantage of out
ick, by fending a few more Prefents-to the Emperor; which feveral of, the
Grandees of rPeking did more than hint to our Ambaffadors. Befide, the Great
Cham having Wars with that Anch-Pyrate Coxinga, if we fhoujd but propofe
to afflhl his Imperial Majefty With our Ships, for the fubduing of the faid
rate, I make no doubt but he would quickly confent to give us a free Trade
his Dominions. 
Amongfi fo many Alterations hapned tince our departure, wL uinderfod 
at our Arrival, with great joy, that the firong City of Columbo,i ithe lfland
Ceylon, was fall'n into our hands, by the Condu& and Courage of the General
a, :_.t~ ~ ~ ~  ~   ~   ~~     ~L-0 M004--kt.... ...  ... . . t ...1..,..
 .  Cd.J..  , 
,Vir ,* tlu .] , wno-omm.. nceS a iLU over E.noic r'or[ci tantwere 1AME O
IuDOe GuI 
This valiant Commander was unfortunately gain in an A4tlt made by 
him upon the faid City ; which being perceiv'd by his cou-ragious Soldiers,
they fell on with fo much fury, that theywould not- be fatisfi'd for the
lofs of 
their Commander, with any thing lefs than the taking of the Town; which 
was foon after deliver'd up to them upon terms. How great an advantage 
this will prove to the Affairs of the Eaft-India Comtany, anon,'e may eafily
if they do but know, that from this Place o4mes the b fl Cinamon. 
We likewife underftood, that the troublefom and contentious Bufinefs in 
dmboyna, which threatned this Place with great danger, was accommodated 
and reconcil'd, through the wife management* of Arnold de Vaming; fo that
one might live freely and peaceably there, and drive their Trade with the
habitants as formerly. 
LaIly, We were inform'd, that theahtaw Javners were grown weary of 
the War, and fought to live in Peace with the Hallanders ;which will highly
make for the Intereft of our Eaf lItdia Company. 
I have treated thus far in fhort concerning What hapned uport our Travels
forward and back~'ard to the Emperor's Court at 'eAing; wherein, to my 
knowledge, I have not in the leaf1 faid any thing contrary to the Truth:
as I began in giving a Defcription in fliort of the whole Empire, for as
as concerns the Country it felf; fo I conceive it not improper, for a more
and perfe& knowledge of all China, to continue my Relation of the Govern-
ment, Letters, Learning, Manners, Cuftoms, Fafhions, and Modesof the In-
habitants3; Creatures, Beafts, Herbs, Fruits3 Wars, -and Peace, in this vaf
Dominion of Cbina. 

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