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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / Gleanings of natural history : exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, etc. most of which have not, till now, been either figured or described
Part II (1760)

Chap. LXXV. Pla. 285. The greater cockroach; and the whistle insect; Le grand cers-volant; et le scarabée sifflant,   pp. 160-162

Page 161

( i6i )
faw on its fides: the head is feen only from
beneath; it is black, except the eyes,
which are brown: the horns are nearly
two inches long: ithath fix reddifh-brown
legs, each having three joints; thofe next
the body are fmooth, the middle joints are
befet with Iharp prickles, the outer joints,
or the feet, are rough or hairy, with two
(harp claws at their ends.
in three different views at the bottom of the
plate. The head is made like that of a
locufl: the upper body, or thorax, is fur-
rounded with many (harp points; the lower
part of the body, or abdomen, is compofed
of about ten rings, and has two points at its
end: it hath fix legs, of three joints each;
the joints next the body are fmooth, the
middle ones have fome fmall points; the
feet or outer joints are divided into roundifh
flat parts, which are pliable; each foot
hath two fmall claws at its end: the body
is black on its upper fide, fpotted with
orange-colour; the under fide is orange-
colour: the legs alfo are orange-colour,
but with fome black about their joints:
the horns are brown.
The Greater Cockroach was brouglht
from Carolina by the late Mr. Catefby,
who, in the Appendix to his Hiflory of
Carolina, page i o, calls it Blatta maxima
17èfra peltata.  The reafon why I have
refigured it is, becaufe it is very rare, and
Mr. Catefby has a little mifcarried in his
drawing, which I have endeavoured to
amend. This infecI fell into my hands
after the death of Mr. Catefby.
The Whiftle-Inlrf6t was brought friom
Santa-Crux in Barbary, by my good friend
Capt. John Dobfon, who prefented it to
me. I have called it the Whiffle-Infed,
becaufe it very nearly agrees with another
infea found in Africa, of which the na.
aux cote's en forme de fcie.    On ne voit la
tete que de bas en haut; elle eJf noire, excetf2
les yevx qui Jont ifabelle:    les cornes Jont
d'environ deux pouces de long: il a fix pattes,
qui fJnt d'un brun rougedtre, et qui ont
chdacune trois join/ures; ce//es de contre le
corps font mnies, celles du   nilieu font cou-
vertes de piquants fort aigus, les dernieres
join/ures, ou les fat/es, font rudws ou veltes,
et on au bout deux griffs piquantes.
Le S CARAB EE 6'IFFLANT /efl re-
preJente' au bas de la planche fous trois dif-
ferents points de *u;.     La   tete ß1 flte
contme celle de la fJuterelle:  le corps ante'-
rieur, ou le thorax, e/t entoure' d'un nomisre
de pointes aigues ; la par/ie pole'rieure du
corps, ou /'abdomen, efl compoJ2 d 'em-iron dix
anneaux, et f;iit par deux piquants: il a
fix pattes, qui out cbacune trois jointures ;
celles qui jint proche du corps font unies,
les jointures du milieu ont yue/ques petits pi-
quants; les dernieres join/ures, ou les pattes,
font dioH/7Pes en parties plates rondelettes, qui
fint pliantes; chaque patte a anl bout deux
petites grifess: il eli noir fzr le dos, mar-
quete d'crange:    le dIgous ejl orange; les
jambes font de la mime co/lear, excepte' quel-
que peu de noir vers les jointures: les cormes
font [runes.
Le Grand Cerf volant avoit i/td a/porte de
la Caroline par M. Cattj)',     qiui, (lans Jc z
Al)pendix*, /'appelle Blatta rnexima ftifca
peltata.  La rcz/J;Sn pour laquelje Je     r rc-
donne, c'e/i qal c/i tr2fes ra; e, et qze cet
auteur s'e/ zin peu troame/ dans 1077 c'6cin,
9116' j'ai tcaUY  a' ref/f/icr.  Cet iiHf't/C  't/li
tomb. entre les mrains d(pia's la wort de 2I.
L'Infe fle Sii_ t cz-ecit e'tecapja;-/ede S cc-
fa-Crux   en Barbaric, par non boa armi le
Capltaine Do/fon, qui en'cn a /ait pf et.
Ye /'ai nommie l'InA7"ße Sif//ant, /arce qzz'ii
rrjemble beaucoup a' ZlR autre iu/KP/e. quu p'
Appendix, ou Supplement a 1'HilR. de la Cawol. p. ic.,

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