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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / Gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, etc
Part II (1760)

Chap. LXXIV. Pla. 284. The horned fish; and the sea scorpion; Le poisson cornu; et le scorpion de mer,   pp. 158-160

Chap. LXXV. Pla. 285. The greater cockroach; and the whistle insect; Le grand cers-volant; et le scarabée sifflant,   pp. 160-162

Page 160

( I6o )
publifhed agreeing with it. Willughby,
in his book De Pijfibus, has given a figure
fhaped much like mine, but of a quite dif-
ferent flurface, which is irregularly ipotted:
he calls it Pifciculus cornmlus. Thie Scor-
pion Fifh was brought frefli to London,
being taken amongft Sprats near the
mouth of the river Thames, and feeins to
differ fomething from what are figured
by Willughby under that name; fee
tab. I. 4. and tab. X. 12, 13, and i5. I
have alfo met with its figure in a fet of
prints, where it is called Porcellus.
fiAlugby dants jon livre De Pifcibus (des
Poif/ons) a donne' une figure qui fe raapporte
aje/z aI la mienne, mais de furfazce toute
di/ffrente, qui eJl mnarquie irregulie'ren/ent:
ii l'appelle lifciculus cornutus (petit Poi1orn
cornu). LeScorpion deMer avoiteJttA pris a
l'embouczIure de Ia Tamife, parmi des Melettes:
il parort un peu diferent de ceux que IF;i-
lughby donne Jous ce no/nz.     /'en ai azjz-
rencontre la figure parmi des ej/arpes, ou' cn
le non//ne Porcellus.
* Voi. pLI. L4. etpl.X.xz, 53, 1I,
The Greater Cockroach;
The Whiftle Infedl.
T   H ES E infeas were drawn from
nature, and are figured on the plate
of the fize of life.
The Cockroach is represented by the two
upper figures in the plate, which fhew its
upper and under fides: the head is covered
by a kind of fhield, of a lightifhl brown
colour round its borders, and black in the
middle, from which proceed two others
of the fame brown colour, and dufky in
their middles, which have the appearance
of fhort wings, and cover part of the body
on its upper fide: the abdomen, or lower
part of the body, is of a reddifh brown
colour, and compofed of about eight
rings; it is very flat, and toothed like a
Le Grand Cerf-volant ;
Le Scarabee fifflant.
ESinfeles ont e'te' dene's d'apres na
ture, et font reprfent6s jur la planche
de leur grandeur naturelle.
Le Cerf-volant eJl reprefente' par les deux
figures fupdrieures de la planche; l'une en
ftit voir le dos, et lautre le ventre: la tete
efi couverte d'une ejfpece de bouclier, qui eJl
gris blanc par les bords, et noir au milieu:
de ce bouclier en partent deux autres, de la
meme couleur claire par les bords, et brun
fonce' au milieu, leJguels ont l'apparence de
deux courtes ailes, qui fervent en paffie d
couvrir le defius du corps: l'abdomen, ou la
partie inferieure du corps efI d'un brun rou-
gedtre: elle eft compoJee d'environ huit an-
neaux. Cet infeae eft fort plat, et dentele

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