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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The blue red-breast,   pp. 24-[Plate] 24 ff.

Page 24

( 24 )
The   BLUE       RED- BR E A S T.
T H I S Bird feems to be of that Tribe or Family of flender-bill'd
Birds who feed on Infeds: The Print gives its natural Size, or if
there be any Difference, the Bird is rather bigger than the Figure, if 1,
contrary to Cufforn, may be allow'd to point out my own Miftakes: It
is fhap'd like a Redfiart; the Bill is fharp-pointed, flender, of a moderate
Length and dusky Colour; the whole upper Side, Head, Neck, Back,
Wings and Tail, are of a fine full blue Colour, except the Ends of the
greater Quills, which are Black with brown Tips ; the whole under Side,
from the Bill to the Covert-feathers under the Tail, is of a redifh Co-
lour; juft under the Bill, White, or very light Ruffet; on the Breaft
the Colour gradually heightens to a full Orange, or the Colour of a
Robin's Breaft; towards the Belly the Colour dies again into a faint Red,
and fo continues to the Covert-feathers of the Tail; the Thighs are of
the fame faint or light Red; the Legs and Feet, which are form'd and
fland after the ufual manner, are of a brown Colour; it hath dusky
I had this Bird of Mr. Peter Colinfon, who, I think, told me it came
from Bermudas. Mr. Catesby has, in his Hiftory of Carolina, Vol. I.
p. 47. defcrib'd and figur'd a Bird nearly resembling this, which he
calls fimply the Blue-Bird; but as this differs Something from his Bird,
I thought it would not be amifs to figure and defcribe it under the
above Name. The only difference between this Bird and his, is, that
the red Colour in mine was continued quite to the Bill; his was Blue
on the under Side of the Neck, from the Bill to the beginning of the
Breaff, and by his Dcfcription mine feems to be of a brighter Red on the
Breaft, yet I believe them to be the fame or near of Kin. I fhould not
have prefurmed to re-publifh any thing that was diredly the fame with
what has been publifhed by Mr. Catesby, becaufe I know myfelf not
capable to add any Amendments to what he has done. Mr. Catesby has
call'd his Bird Rubecula Americana, which is a proper Name enough,
fince both his Bird and mine are certainly of that Genus, of which the
Robin Red-breaJf is a Species.

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