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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The long-tail'd dove,   pp. [Plate] 15-15

Page 15

( I5 )
IThe LO N G-T A I L' D               D oV E.
T   H   E Figure of this Bird lhews it of its natural Bignefs; it hath but
a fimall
Head in proportion to the Body ; the Neck of a middling Length ; the Body
pretty long; the Tail longer than the whole Body ; the Wings of middling
the Bill is firaight, not very thick, a little bent downwards at the Point,
of a Horn-
colour, light about the Nofirils, and a little Rifing, darker towards the
Point; the
Iris of the Eye is of a dark Colour; from the Corner of the Bill to the Eye,
is drawn
a white Line, which incircleth the Eye; the Fore-part of the Head, above
and beneath
the Bill, is of a yellowifh or Clay-colour, the hinder Part is of a 'Pigeon
Blue, pretty
light; thefe Colours lofe thernfelves in each other, where they unite; where
two Colours meet on the Sides of the Head, jufi under the Ear-holes, are
fituate on each
Side a round black Spot of the bignefs of a Tare; the Fore-part of the Neck
Breaft are of a blufh or Bloffom-colour, more intenfe above, changing gradually
wards the Belly into a Clay-colour; the lower Part of the Belly, Thighs,
anad Coverts
under the Tail, being Clay-colour, with a little mixture of Cinerious ; the
upper Side
of the Neck, Back, and upper Side of the Wings, is of a dark, dirty Brown,
Quills being darker than the Covert-feathers, though the Edges of the Webs
of the
Quill-feathers are a little lighter colourld than the reIt of the Wing; the
between the Back and Wing, as alfo fonme of the Quills and Coverts next the
are marked at their Ends with oval black Spots of difErent Magnitudes, about
io or
.i in Number on each Side; the Rumip, and Feathers covering the Tail, are
more in,
clinin- to Affi-colour than the Back and Wings; the middle Feathers of the
Tail are
very long and black, the fide Feathers gradually grow fhorter, fo that the
on each Side, little exceed half the Length of the niiddlemoft; the outer
Feathers are
of a bluifh or Afh-colour, having Bars of Black near their Tips, the Tips
being Whte; the Legs and Feet Red, as in others Doves; it hath four Toes
after the ufual Manner; the Claws are Brown. What is moft fingular in this
Bird, is
the Length of the Tail, which is Ihap'd like a llcpg e's, no Bird of the
Dove or
P;geou-kind, that I have met with, having the like. This Bird hardly differs
at all
from fomne others in the Ve'fl Indies, fave in the Tail.
I drew this Bird at Mr. :Iohu [Varncr's of Rothcrhib i; who had it of a Perfon
brought it from the [rJI lIdies.

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