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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The quan or guan, so called in the West Indies,   pp. [Plate] 13-13

Page 13

( '3 )
The QU A N or G u A N       fo called in the Wefl Indies.
T     H I S Bird is a little bigger than a common Hen, near the Bignets
of the larger Kind of Poultry; for Shape of Body, it pretty
nearly resembles a Turkey, to which I take it to be near of Kin; the
Bill firaight, longer than a Ren's Bill, bending down a little at the
Point, of a black Colour; the Noftrils placed pretty near the Head;
the Sides of the Head are of a Blue-purple-colour'd Skin, bare of Fea-
thers; in the middle of thefe bare Spaces are placed the Eyes, whofe
Irides are of a dark, dirty Orange-colour ; under the Chin, and a little
way down the Neck, there hangs a loofe Skin, of a fine red Colour,
thinly fet with black Hairs; the Top of the Head is cover'd with black
Feathers, which it can erec into a Creft; fome have little or no Appear-
ance of a Creft, I fuppofe they are Hens; the whole Body, downward from
the Head, is cover'd with black Feathers, or very dark, rufty Brown; the
fore-part of the Neck, Breaft, and Belly, have white Spots and Dafhes
tending downward, intermixed with the dark Colour; the Coverts of the
Wings have fomething of a green and purple Glofs, the Quills more
inclining to Purple; the Back and Rump refled a Copper-colour'd Glofs;
but all thefe Gloffes change to different Colours in different Pofitions
Light; yet in a bad Light, the Bird feerns to be only of a rufly Black,
having no Luftre at all; the Thighs and lower Belly are of a rufly Black,
having no Glofs ; the Tail is pretty long, ifaped like a Turkey's Tail,
of' a dull Black; the Legs and Feet are of a bright Red ; it Lath four
Toes flanding after the ufual manner: I could fee no Spurs it hd ; the
three forward 'foes are join'd together a little way by a Membrane; the
Claws are black.
I faw one of thefe Birds at Captain Chandler's at Stepiev, who brought
it with him from fome one of the Sugar Iflands in the JYeJ' Indies, I have
forgot directly which ; but I fuppofe it may be found in moft of themn.
The Bra/Jian Jacupema of Margrave, I believe, is the farme with this
Bird, tho' his Defcription differs fomething from mine.

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