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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The black and white king-fisher,   pp. [Plate] 9-9

Page 9

The BL A C K and WJHITE           KING-FISHER.
H I S Bird is of the Bignefs of the Sonog Thrujh, the Figure is of the
Jl    natural Size ; it hath a long firaight Bill, flat Crown, long
Head, and fhort Neck; the Heaa, I think, not fo big in proportion to
the Body, as in fome others of this Genus ; it hath pretty long Wings,
and a long Tail; all of the Kings-fifer-kind are fhort- leg'd; the Bill is
and pretty thick at the Bafe, ending in a (harp Point, of a black Colour,
having a Groove or Channel on each Side the upper Mandible, in which
the Noftrils are placed near the Bafe; the Eyes are placed juft over the
Corners of the Mouth; the Crown of the'Head and hinder Part of the
Neck is black; from the Corners of the Mouth, under the Eyes, is a
broad black Line, which falls into the fame Colour behind the Neck;
from the Noflrils are drawn white Lines above the Eyes, and continued
the whole Length of the Head ; the whole under Sides, from Bill to
'Fail, is of a dirty, yellowifh White, except a little Bar of black Spots
that cronies the Middle of the Breaft; the whole Back is black, the Fea-
thers having grey Tips; the Ridge of the Wing is White; all the Covert-
feathers party-colour'd of Black and White; the ballard Wing Black;
the firft or largeft Quill-feathers are white at their Bottoms, then black,
having the very Tips white; the middle Quills have white Spots in their
outer Webs, and white Tips; the remaining Quills next the Back, are
black with white Tips; the Tail-feathers are white toward their Bottoms,
with a Row of tranfverfe black Spots ; toward the Tips is a Bar of Black
of an Inch broad, the Tips beyond the Bar being White; the Legs and
Feet are of a dirty brown Colour, fhap'd as in all others of this Kind.
Mr. Peter Coliofon lent me this Bird to draw ; he received it with others
from Ganron in Perfia.
This Bird was preferv'd in Spirits, with many others, in a Glafs to brilgr
to England; the white Part appeared very dirty and yellow, which, I believe,
was owing only to its being Rained with the foul Spirits; for I leave obferv'd
fuch Changes in Feathers which I knew otherwise to be purely White.
1. B. If any one would draw a Bird preferv'd' in Spirits, let him.
take it out, wafh it pretty well in warm Water, and rinfe it in a good
Quantity of cold, and let it dry gradually, and he will reflore the
true Colour of the Feathers, as far as can be; for forne Feathers in the
Glafles of Spirits, I have obferved to appear of Colours very contrary to
the true Colour they are of before they were put in.
D                           7obe

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