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The mirror of the graces; or, the English lady's costume: combining and harmonizing taste and judgment, elegance and grace, modesty, simplicity and economy, with fashion in dress; and adapting the various articles of female embellishments to different ages, forms, and complexions; to the seasons of the year, rank, and situation in life: with useful advice on female accomplishments, politeness, and manners; the cultivation of the mind and the disposition and carriage of the body: offering also the most efficacious means of preserving beauty, health, and loveliness. The whole according with the general principles of nature and rules of propriety

Description of the plates,   pp. [11]-17 ff.

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           D1ESCtIFTION OFs THI PLATE,&.     j
 bosom and sleeves ornamented with alternate folds
 of white satin, and finished at the feet en suite: a
 full long sleeve of white crape: belt of white satin,
 confined with a large rose clasp of carved mother-
 of-pearl and brooch to correspond: union neck-
 chain of pearl, with Maltese or convent cross,
 suspended in front of the bosom: a Grecian scarf
 of silver tissue, or white French silk, the ends
 gathered into a globe tassel of silver: the hair in
 irregular curls and ringlets, twisted on one side the
 head in the eastern style, and ornamented with
 rolls of silver frosted crape or gauze, finished on the
 left side with a silver rose: Grecian sandal-slippers
 appliqued with silver embroidery in front of the
 foot: gloves of white kid, and fan of carved ivory.
 The FOURTH PLATE represents two females in
 opera or full dress. First figure attired in a round
 robe, with demi-train of pink imperial gauze,
 worn over a white satin slip, ornamented round the
 bosom, back, and shoulders, with fine vandyke lace:
white satin short sleeves, and appliqued stomacher
of white satin, rising above the robe in front of the
bust, so as decorously to shade the bosom: a Pome-
ranian bonnet of white satin, or silver frosted velvet:
two white ostrich feathers drooping towards the
left side: a diamond or pearl neck-chain, with
Carmelite cross: a silver cestus and clasp: a Chinese

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