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The housekeeper's book, comprising advice on the conduct of household affairs in general; and particular directions for the preservation of furniture, bedding, &c.; for the laying in and preserving of provisions; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. The whole carefully prepared for the use of American housekeepers

Puddings, custards, &c.,   pp. 111-126

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                 . PDIWOS, CUSTARDS, &c.             125
run a knife round thet edges; and turn the pancake when the
top is of a light brown; brown the other side; roll it up, and
serve very hot. Before it is rolled up, some people spread
c       jelly lightly over, or orange pr apple marmalade.
Cream, and more eggs may be used to m    the pancake
richer. A little brandy, or peach water is an improvement.
Serve white wine sauce. A lemon shoul4 be on the table,
as some people like to flavour pancakes Ă½vith the juice.
   Make batter the same as directed for pancakes, but stiffer;
pour a large spoonful into boiling lard, or dripping; fry as
many at a time as the pan will hold. Sift powdered sugar
over, an&serve them on a hot dish. Fritters are usually
made with finely minced apple, or currants well washed
and picked, stirred into the batter; or any sweetmeat which
is stiff enough to be cut into little bits; or candied lemon or
orange peel.
                    APPLE FRITTERS.
   Make a stiff common pancake batter. Boil hdf a stick
of cinnamon in a breakfast-cupful of water, and set it by to
cool. Peel and core some large apples, cut round slices,
and steep them for half an hour, or more, in the cinnamon
water; then dip each piece in the batter and fiy them in
lard, or clarified dripping. Drain them, dust sugar over each
one, and serve them hot. Or, to make a very pretty dish:
drop batter into thepan, enough to form a fritter the size of
the slices of apple, lay a slice of apple upon that, and drop
batter on the top. Or, the apples may be pared, cored, half
baked (whole,) then dipped in batter, and fried.
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