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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 5

                                     THE PARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION.
We engrave on this page two of debted for some of the best of their designs.
Evidence of his high intellectual power, his knowledge of Art,
the works of M. JOSEPH CHERET, and his study of the works of great      
                         masters in ornament, will be fre-
to whom many of the principal quently found in these pages-al-          
                        though they will not always bear
Manufacturers of Paris are in- his name. - Those we engrave are BAS-RELIEFS,
in TERRA-COTTA: they suffice to exhibit the genius of the artist.
broadest and most comprehensive good-will, in strict alliance with it is
empowered to accomplish its proper work, PEACE achieves its
the noblest ambition which aims at a perpetual advance, to be happy triumphs.
For, truly, Peace has triumphs signally its own;
accomplished by the concurrent onward movement of the entire in nothing inferior
to the very proudest that may be won by WAR.
community of mankind. A system     such as this, in which aid    Like thunder-storms,
wars may be necessary convulsions; and
and encouragement are both sought from    all and given to all, certainly
it is possible that, in their issue, the fierce and deadly
cherishes the emulous spirit in its happiest mood, and stimulates contests
of hostile rivalry may ultimately prove to have been
to the utmost its inherent energy. When all are advancing, each  beneficial.
The rough interruption of all- friendly enterprise for
one that would not fall into the rear must rather redouble than  awhile may
have paralysed the arts of peace; and yet, when the
relax his efforts, to ensure his keeping well up with the front; storm shall
have cleared away, in resuming their peaceful occupa-
and their efforts must be made again and again, always with more tions men
may find that they are working in a purer atmosphere,
determined resolution, by those who, not content with the general with a
more open view also, and with fresh vigour and animation.
front, aspire to a pre-eminence decidedly in advance of it.       A great
European war last year threatened to obstruct, if not
  By this friendly rivalry, acting under conditions through which  actually
to overthrow, the grandest of the triumphs of peace.

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