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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 4

                                       THE ART-JOURNAL CATALOGUE OF
  The " OUAM    SHIELD," engraved on this AND ROWKELL, designed
and sculptured by Mr. artists of the establishment.  It was presented
page, is one of the many rare examples of Art- H. H. ARMSTEAD, one of the
many accomplished  to General SIR JAMES OuTRAM, Bart., in ac-
work contributed by the renowned firm of HUNT                           
              knowledgment of his high "deservings" as a
soldier, in testimony of the affectionate regard                        
              incidents of his career in India. The centre
of his brother officers, and " in appreciation of of steel, richly damaskened
with gold. The group, in high relief, represents the brave
the sterling qualities that have ever marked his medallion portraits are
those of the hero's bro- Havelock, after the relief of Lucknow, restoring
brilliant career." The frame of the shield is thers-in-arms. The circle,
in low relief, describes to Outram the command of the British forces.
means of what he may have made his own at the cost and through     own nature-it
necessarily rejects and refuses to have sympathy
the loss of others; while, in the other case, the aspirant to excel- with
objects and pursuits that are base though perhaps specious,
lence seeks to stand higher through rising higher. He delights to that may
possibly appear attractive or even dazzling, and yet in
see others rising with him, in their successes discerning only fresh  reality
are unworthy and ignominious.    And again, a truly
motives and more urgent stimulants for renewed vigour in his own  peaceful
rivalry such as this, which naturally inclines and as
exertions; and, without relaxing for a single moment his efforts naturAlly
attracts all within its influence to whatever is worthy
to surpass those around him, this man cordially encourages and     and of
intrinsic excellence, also teaches men in the very act of
even aids his rivals, should they chance to be able to attain to a  exalting
themselves both to advance the general interests of man-
position beside himself, or even to rise above himself.          kind at
large, and to promote the personal exaltation of particular
   The fine rivalry which not only permits, but constrains rivals individuals.
The beneficial influences thus brought into operation,
 to regard and to deal with one another as friends, rarely can fail ever
acting reciprocally, continually receive fresh strength as they
 to lead men on to excel (or, at any rate, to seek to excel) in those prove
to be regularly productive of greater and more important
 things that in themselves are excellent. The lofty spirit of such  mutual
advantages. The grand result is a system     of combined
 rivalry can be thoroughly congenial only with what is akin to its action
growing out of individual effort-a system based on the

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