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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XVI: of attitude,   pp. 135-138

Page 137

ing figure in the fpencer-wig; whilfi a double L mark'd 
the parallel pofition of his poking partner's hands and 
arms: and lafily, the two waving lines were drawn for 
the more genteel turns of the two figures at the hither 
The beft reprefentation in a pi&ure, of even the moff 
elegant dancing, as every figure is rather a fufpended 
adion in it than an attitude, muff be always fomewhat 
unnatural and ridiculous; for were it poffible in a real 
dance to fix every perfon at one inflant of time, as in a 
pi&ure, not one in twenty would appear to be graceful, 
tho' each were ever fo much fo in their movements; 
nor could the figure of the dance itfelf be at all under- 
The dancing-room is alfo ornamented purpofely with 
fuch ftatues and pidures as may ferve to a farther il- 
lufiration. Henry viii. fig. *, makes a perfe& X with 
his legs and arms; and the pofition of Charles the firfi, 
fig. t, is compofed of lefs-varied lines than the flatue of 
Edward the fixth, fig. T; and the medal over his head 
is in the like kind of lines; but that over Q. Elizabeth, 
as well as her figure, is in the contrary; fo are alfo the 
two other wooden figures at the end. Likewife the 
comical pofture of aflonifhment (expreffed by following 
the diredion of one plain curve, as the dotted line in a 
french print of Sancho, where Don Quixote demolifhes 
the puppet flhew, fig. I',) is a good contrail to the effed 
of the ferpentine lines in the fine turn of the Samaritan 
T                    woman 
-* Fig. 7t; 
P. Z. 
t Fig. 7 . 
p. z. 
J Fig. 7; 
P. 2. 
IFig. 74 1;- 
R. P. i.' 

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