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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XIV: of colouring,   pp. 113-122

Page 117

ANALYSIS of BEAUTY,                             r17 
recolle&, that in the difpofition of colours as well as'of 
forms, variety, fimplicity, diftindnefi, intricacy, uni- 
formity and quantity, dired in giving beauty to the co- 
louring of the human frame, efpecially if we include 
the face, where uniformity and firong oppofition of tints 
are required, as in the eyes and mouth, which call moft 
for our attention.  But for the general hue of flefh 
now to be defcribed, variety, intricacy and fimplicity, 
are chiefly required. 
The value of the degrees of colour being thus con- 
fider'd and ranged in order upon the pallet, figure 94, 
let us next apply them   to a bulo, fig. *, of white t Fig. 96. 
marble, which may be fuppofed to let every tint fink R. p 
into it, like asa -drop-of -ink finks in and fpreads itfelf 
upon courfe paper, whereby each tint will gradate all 
If you would have the neck of the buflo tinged of a 
very florid and lively complexion, the pencil muft be 
dipt in the bloom tints of each colour as they Rand one 
above another at No. 4.---if for a lefs florid, in thofe of 
No. 5---if for a very fair, from No. 6---and fo on till 
the marble would fearce be ting'd at all: let therefore 
No. 6, be our prefent choice, and begin with penciling 
on the red, as at r, the yellow tint at y, the blue tint at 
b, and the purple or lake tint at p. 
Thefe four tints thus laid on, proceed to covering the 
whole neck and breaft, but 11ll changing and varying 
the fituations of the tints with one another, alfo caufing 

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