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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XIV: of colouring,   pp. 113-122

Page 115

A defcription of this manner of its fhewing the rofy 
colour of the cheek, and, in like manner, the bluifh 
tints about the temple, &c. fee in the profile *, where * Fig95, 
you are to fuppofe the black ftrokes of the print to be 
the white threads of the network, and where the ftrokes 
are thickeft, and the part blackefi, you are to fuppofe 
the flefh would be whiteft; fo that the lighter part of 
it ftands for the vermilion-colour of the cheek, gra- 
dating every way. 
Some perfons have the network fo equally wove over 
the whole body, face and all, that the greateft heat or 
cold will hardly make them change their colour; and 
thefe are feldom  feen to blufh, tho' ever fo baflful, 
whilff the texture is fo. Rarin fome young women, that 
they redden, or turn pale, on the leaft occafion. 
I am apt to think the texture of this network is of 
a very tender kind, fubje& to damage many ways, but 
able to recover itfelf again, efpecially in youth. The 
fair fat healthy child of 3 or 4 years old hath it in 
great perfe6tion; moft vifible when it is moderately 
warm, but till that age fomewhat imperfe&. 
It is in this manner, then, that nature feems to do 
her work. ----And now let us fee how by art the like 
appearance may be made and penciled on the furface 
of an uniform coloured fiatue of wax or marble; by 
defcribing which operation we fhall fill more particu- 
larly point out what is to our prefent purpofe: I mean 
the reafon why the order nature bath thus made ufe of 
Q_. 2                fhould 

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