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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XII: of light and shade, and the manner in which objects are explained to the eye by them,   pp. 93-106

Page 105

not only adds more beauty by another pleafmg tender 
gradation, but alfo ferves to diftinguifh the roundnefs 
of the cheeks, &c. from fuch parts as fink and fall in : 
becaufe concavities do not admit of refledions, as con- 
vex forms do 2. 
I have now only to add, that as before obferved, 
chap. 4, page 23, that the oval hath a noble fimplicity 
in it, more equal to its variety than any other object 
in nature; and of which the general form of a face is 
compofed; therefore, from what has been now thewn, 
the general gradation-hade belonging to it, muff con- 
fequently be adequate thereto, and which evidently 
gives a delicate foftnefs to the whole compofition of a 
face; infomuch that every little dent, crack, or fcratch, 
the form receives, its fhadows alfo fuffer with it, and 
help to fhew   the blemifh.    Even the leafl roughnefs 
interrupts and damages that foft gradating play of 
fhades which fall upon it. Mr. Dryden, defcribing the 
light and thades of a face, in his epifile to Sir Godfrey 
Kneller the portrait painter, feems, by the penetration 
of his incomparable genius, to have underftood that 
language in the works of nature, which the latter, by 
means of an exa& eye and a ftrid obeying hand, could 
only faithfully tranfcribe; when he fays, 
2 As an inftance that convex and concave would appear the fame, if 
the former were to have no refiea ion thrown upon, obferve the ovolo and
cavetto, or channel, in a cornice, placed near together, and feen by a 
front light, when they will each of them, by turns, appear either concave,
or convex, as fancy fhall diret. 
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