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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XII: of light and shade, and the manner in which objects are explained to the eye by them,   pp. 93-106

Page 94

produced and made out merely by means of lights, 
Ihades, and colours. 
By the various circumfiances of which, every one 
knows we have reprefented on the flat furface of the 
looking-glafs, pitures equal to the originals refleded by 
it. The painter too, by proper difpofitions of lights, 
fhades, and colours on his canvas, will raife the like 
ideas. Even prints, by means of lights and (hades alone, 
will perfedly inform the eye of every ihape and diftance 
whatfoever, in which even lines mult be confider'd as 
narrow parts of fhade, a number of them, drawn or 
engrav'd neatly fide by fide, called hatching, ferve as 
fhades in prints, and when they are artfully managed, 
are a kind of pleafing fiuccedanim to the delicacy of 
Could mezzo-tinto prints be wrought as accurately 
as thofe with the graver, they would come neareft to 
nature, becaufe they are done without ftrokes or lines. 
I have often thought that a landfkip, in the procefs 
of this way of reprefenting it, doth a little refemble the 
firfl coming on of day. The copper-plate it is done 
upon, when the artift firt takes it into hand, is wrought 
all over with an edg'd-tool, fo as to make it print one 
even black, like night: and his whole work after this, is 
merely introducing the lights into it; which he does by 
fcraping off the rough grain according to his defign, 
artfully finoothing it moft where light is moft required: 
but as he proceeds in burnifhing the lights, and clear- 

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