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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

Wool manufacturers in the United States,   pp. 545-559

Page 548

Chelsea Woollen Co.
Bigelow Carpet Co.,
Damon, Smith & Co.,
Conway Manufac. Co
Gloyd, Charles,
Lovell, D. W.,
Tapley, G. A.,
Winona Mills,
Barrows, Thomas,
Merchants' Woollen
Diighton Woollen Co.
Merrimac Woollen C
Perry, David,
Perry, Charles H. &
Upham & Pond,
Swift River Co., Ed
Wamsutta Woollen
J. Eddy & Son,
Moonarkies Co., J. C.
Fitchburg Woollen
Vose, treasurer,
Beoli Co.,
Delehanty, C. J.,
Cowley, John,
Aldrich, C. C.,
Abbott Worsted Co.
Be,.kshire Woollen C
Greenfield Manufac
Leonard, agent,
Hale, E. J. M.,
Barker. J. L. & G.
Clark, G. W. & S. S.
Sumner, Clark,
Taylor, John, Jr.,
Gilbert, George H.,
Fay & Low,
Stevens & Co.,
Birmingham & Brot
Iinsdale, F. W. & 13
Plunkett Woollen C
Smith, Herbert,
Chaffin, R. H. & A.,
Howe & Myers,
Howe & Jefferson,
Beebe, Jared,
Delabarre, Edward,
Holyoke Woollen C
Kingsbury, N. & Co
Hyde Park Woollen
Agawam Woollen C
Bolton Mill, Heur
Everett Mills, D. D
Chelsea. Lawrence Woollen Co., 0. H.
Clinton.   Perry, agent,         Lawrence.
Concord. McAllister, William,
Edmund         Pacific Mills, J. W. Edmunds,
Conway.    treasurer, W. C. Chapin, ag't,
Cummington. Pemberton Co., F. E. Clark, ag't,
Washington Mills, E. D.
Danvers.   Thayer, agent,
11 Woodward, S. C. & Co.,       1
East Dedham. Smith & Billings,             Lee.
Co., "Hawes, . L. & Co.,                 Leicester.
,      Dighton. Bottomly & MeKinistry,
o.,     Dracut. Clappville Mills,
Dudley. Fay, James,
Co.,       "    Hodges, Samuel L.,
14 Mann & Marshall,             1
w. Smith,       Field, Alden C           Leverett.
Enfield. Belvidere Woollen Man'g Co., Lowell.
Mills,           Brackett, S. R.,
Fall River. Dugdale, James,
Robinson,       Faulkner, L. W.,
Falmouth. Hale, B. S. & Son,
Co., W. H.       Holt, John,
Fitchburg. liosford & Chase,
11 Lawrence Manufac. Co.,       4
West Fitchburg. Lowell Mannfac. Co. (carpets),  "
Foxboro'. McDonald, John,
Granby. Rhode,, Richard,
Graniteville. Suffolk Manufac. Co.,
.,Naylor, George,
Great Barrington. Saydan, John,
Co., T.        Middlesex Co.,
Greenfield. Tremont Mills, Chas. F. Battles,
Groveland.   agent,
V.,    Hancock. Walker, William & Co.,
Jones, J. H., Jr., & Co.,  Mansfield.
Methuen Woollen Mills,   Methuen.
Walton, Fletcher & Co.,
Hardwick. Starr Mills, T. L. Dunlap, ag't,
(Ayer's Village). Church, S. U. & Brother, Middlefield.
Haverhill. Chamberlain, 11. H. & Co., Millbury.
her,   Hinsdale. Crane & Waters
rother,          Merriam, Simpson & Ray,
0.,         1    Lapham, M. & S.,             1
Hlolden. Walling, Nelson,            1
11 Monson Woollen Man'g Co.. Monson.
Monson & Bromfield Manufac.
S     Co.,
Holyoke. Reynolds, Joseph L.,
41 Thompson, James,       Nantucket.
o.,              Howard, Horatio M.,      Newbury.
.Morrison, Leonard A., Northampton.
Co., Hyde Park. Aldrich, 11. H. & Co.,
o.,     Ipswich. Buffum, M. & Son,         Oxford-
y Dawson,        Burrough & Bartlett,
Lawrence. Hodges, George,
. Crombie,       Parks, William & Co., Palmer Depot.
reBarker, J. & Brothers,  Pittsfield.

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