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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

Wool manufacturers in the United States,   pp. 545-559

Page 547

Lemmex, William H. & Co.,
Haines, Horace & Son,        Cabot.
Wilson, R. C.,               Calais.
Perry, S. & Co.,     Cambridgeport.
Fullerton & Co.,         Cavendish.
Carruth, Benjamin,       Charleston.
Waterson, Joseph,           Chelsea.
Sawyer, T. & J. F. & Co.,   Chester.
Kent, Abial,             Craftsbury.
Greenbanks, B.,            Danville.
Kendall, Marshall,  Enosburg Falls.
Shepherdson, Ansel,         Fairfax.
Ells, Edgar S. & Co.,    Fairhaven.
Kilbourn, A. & Son,            "
Merrill, P. & Co.,        Felchville.
Daniels, Edward,      N. Ferrisburg.
Knowlton, Maynard,         Franklin.
Grafton Manufac. Co., S. S.
Bailey, treasurer,        Grafton.
Gay, M. & Son,            Gaysville.
Greenbank, Thomas,             "
Merritt, L. H.,           Hartland.
Sturtevant, C. F.,             "
Dow, A. & J.,            Hinesboro'.
Dow & Pearl,               Johnson.
Harding, G. W. & Co.,       Ludlow.
Graham & Miller,               "
Harris, J. W. & Son,    Manchester.
Bradford, Levi,
Manchester (Factory Point).
Hopkins, George S.,     Middlebury.
Whitney, E. S.,             Milton.
Moorcroft, William,     Monipelier.
Little, I. A.,   North Montpelier.
N. G. Woollen Man'g Co., Moncton.
Phair, Edward,        New Iaven.
Fisk, George lM. & Co.,  Northfield.
Gould, Joseph & Co.,
Jordan, IIarsh & Co.,
Remick, James K.,      Passumpsic.
Colvin, E.,                 Paulet.
Wriit, Solomon, 2d,       Pownal.
Balcom, George L.,    Proctorsville.
Proctorsville Mills,           "
Holmes, Samuel T.,         Pitniey.
Dewey, A. G. & Co.,       Queeely.
Parker, J. C.,                 "
Kingsley, Chester,       Salisbury.
Farnsworth & Iloit,  Saxtons River.
Hunter, S. N.,             Sheldon.
Newell, H.,              Shoreliam.
Holmes, Whitmore & Co., Springlield.
Platt, IHiram & Co.,      Swanton.
Sartwell, T. J.,           N. Troy.
Cambridge. P. C.,Unionville. 'hetford.
Thompson & Seabury,     Waterbury.
Herren, Robert,         Waterville.
Lewis, Benjamin,             Wells.
White, S. C.,          W. Windsor.
Burlington Woollen Co.,  Winooski.
Woodward, Solomon,      Woodstock.
Schouler, William,    South Acton.
Blackinton, Sanford & Sons,
North Adams.
N. Adams Woollen Co., "       "
Brayton, S. W. & Co.,  "      "
Perry & Penniman,      "
Briggs & Brothers,     "
Tyler & Bliss,        "t
Blackinton & Phillips, South Adams.
Dean & La Monte,       "
Urann & Keyes,             Adams.
Agawam Co.,              Agawam.
Amesbury Woollen Co., 'Amesbury.
Salisbury Woollen Co.,        "
Eagle Mills,          Athol Depot.
Miller's River Manufac. Co.,  Athol.
Muskrat River Manufac. Co.,
Pine Dale Woollen Co.,
Daggett, H. M.,         Attleboro'.
Pond & Larned,            Auburn.
Southgate, J. P.,
Hodges Brothers & Co.,
North Andover.
Stevens, N. & Sons,   "       "
Sutton Mills,       North Andover.
Ballardvale Man'g Co.,  Ballardvale.
Marland Mang Co., "
Heywood, Seth P.,           Barre.
Denny, Edward,        Barre Plains.
Aldrich & Cutler,      Bellingham.
Scott, John C.,               "
Faulkner, A. R. & Co.,    Billerica.
Talbot, C. P. & Co.,          "
Ballou, F. M. & Co.,    Blackstone.
Evans, Seagrave & Co.,
Grain Bag Co.,
Millville Manufac. Co.,
Scott, John S.,
Taft, Weeden & Co.,
Morrison, J. & Son,      Braintree.
Draper & Sumner,           Canton.
Draper & Townsend,            "
Harris, Almon,         Charlemont.
Whitman, Charles P.,          "
Baker & March,       Chqrlton City.
Baldwin Co.,     North Chelmsford.
Sheldon, George T., ,         .1
Eagle Mills,      West Chelmsford.

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