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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

A list of principal manufacturers of cotton goods in the United States,   pp. 533-545

Page 540

Hebron Manufac. Co. (batting
and wicks),             Hebron.
Attawaugan Manufactur'g Co.
(shootings),           Killingly.
Hall, Morrison,
Jencks, Leavins (prints),
Centre Killingly.
Elliottville Manufacturing Co.
(print cloths),     E. Killihgly.
Himes, John L.,              '
Miller, Mayhue (sheetings),
Robinson, W. A. & Co. (prints),
Wescott & Pray,
Young, E. S.,
Capron, 0. M.,       W. Killingly.
Danielsonville Manufact'ng Co.
(shectings), Danielsonville,
Quinebang Co., Danielsonville,
Whitmore, N.,"
Ballou, L. & Co.,     N. Killingly.
Daniels & Sayles,
Williamsville Manufac. Co.,
Corey, Joseph,           Lebanon.
Bliss, Willard (warps),    Lisbon.
Sprague, A. & W. (print cloths),
Union Manuf. Co. (ginghams,
plaids, and stripes),  Manchester.
Globe Mills Co. (warps), Joseph
Parker, agent,    S. Manchester.
Spencer, Son & Co. (warps),
Mutual Co. (warps and batting),
N. Manchester.
Union Manufac. Co.,     Marlboro'.
Wilcox & Hall (musquito bars),
Uncasville Manufac. Co.,  Montville.
Atlantic Duck Company,    Moodus.
Cowdrey, Rogers & Co. (duck),
Moodus Manufac. Co. (print
Smith and Polhemus (duck), "
Williams Duck Company,
Silliman, J. B. (duck),      "
Greenwood Manufacturing Co.,
New Hartford.
Smith & Brown (ducking),     "
Smith, D. B., Pine Meadow,   "
Kenyon & Barber, Hopkinton,
N. Stonington.
Falls Co. (denims, ticks, and
stripes), Gardner Green, trea-
surer,                 Norwich.
Hutchins, F. W. (sheetings),  "
Shetucket Company,           "
Day & Jenks,                 "
Perkins, Timothy (batts and
yarn),                  Orange.
Almy, Samson,           Plainfield.
Wauregan Company,            "
Central Company (prints), Plainfield
Webster, Felton H. (sheetings),
Ames, John B. (print cloths),
Loomis F. B. (sheetings),
Thomas, Seth (sheetings),
Morse, M. S. & Co. (sheetings),
Nightingale, George C. & Co.,
Rhodesville Company,
Wilkinson, Edmund (sheetings),
Orleans Manufac. Co. (print
cloths),               Rehoboth.
Stone Mill Company,      Rockville.
Glyn Company (warps), M. B.
Harvey, agent,          Stafford.
Valley Manufac. Co. (warps),
Granite Mill Co. (bleached cot-
tons), Geo. M. Ives, agent,
Fairman, John L. (batting),
W. Stafford.
Kimball & Aldrich,        Sterling.
Sterling Mills, Arnold, Fenner
& Co.,                      "
Sterling Stone Factory, Oneca
Company,                    "
Masonville Company,     Thompson.
Ross, John E. (twine),
Walker & Sharpe (duck, shoe
linings, etc.),   W. Thompson.
Luther Esek (yarns, etc.),  Tolland.
Centreville Company (seamless
bags),                   Vernon.
Valley Falls Company,         "
Phenix Mills Co.,    Vernon Depot.
Jenks, Hiram (wicking), Voluntown.
Ross, John L. (jeans),
Potter & Dixon (negro cloths), "
Griswold, Martin (braid),
Talcott & Brace (batts),
West Hartford.
Lee, Thomas R. (carpet warps),
Wood, William (wadding),      "
Natchang Manufac. Co., Windham.
Cotton Sail Twine Co., W. C.
Jillson, agent,      Willimantic
Dunham Manufacturing Co.,
Smithville Manufac. Co., W.
Hayden, agent,
Willirnantic Duck Co. (shirt-
Willimantic Linen Co., W. P.
Abernethy, agent,
Windham Cotton Manufac. Co.,
J. Tracy, agent,
Eagle Warp Company,
Merrick Bros. (spool cotton),

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