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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

A list of principal manufacturers of cotton goods in the United States,   pp. 533-545

Page 535

Smith, J. W. & C. E. (sheetings),
Fay, W. G.,             Brookfield.
Arnold, Noah, J.,      Bellingham.
Carey. William IT., North     "
Aldrich, Andrew J. N., Blackstone.
Blackstone Manufac. Co.,      "
Clinton Manufac. Co. (yarn), Boylston.
Brookfield Manufacturing Co.
(blue denims),    East Brookfield.
Kaley, Timothy (tidy cotton), Canton.
Mansfield & Co. (wicking, etc.), "
Neponset Cotton Factory,      "
Shepard, J. S. (wicking, etc.),  "
Jenkins,Tripp & Co. (lacings), Carver.
Fosdick, Win. (batting), Charlestown.
Eagle Mills,            Chelmsford.
Dwight Manufacturing Comp.,
S. Adams, agent,        Chicopee.
Chicopee Manufacturing Co.,
E. Blake, agent,
Clinton Manufacturing Co., Clinton.
Lancaster Mills (ginghams),
Lancaster Quilt Co. (counter-
Griswoldville Manufactur'g Co.,
Shattuck & Whiting (print
goods),                     "
Wright, B. W. (suspender
yarn),                   Conway.
Tucker & Cook (warps),         "
Tucker. R. & Co. (warps),     "
Cummings, John, (batting),
North Dartmouth.
Dedham Manufacturing Co.,
Readvillc,              Dedham.
Norfolk Manufacturing Co.,
Mill Village,
Lincoln, L. & Co. (yarn),
North Dighton.
Shore, T. & Co. (print cloths
and thread),                "
Whitin, P. & Sons,    Whitinsville.
Pearson's Factory (duck, etc.),
Nashawannock Manufact. Co.
(suspenders, etc.),  Easthampton.
Keith, Rotch & Co. (thread), Easton.
Pratt, Amos (thread),
Morse, E. J. W. & Co. (thread),
South Easton.
Morse, S. W. & Co. (cord and
wicking),             South
American Linen Company, Fall River.
Annawan Cotton-mills,         "
Fall River Cotton-mills,      "
Fall Rive- Print Works,
Massasoit Steam Mill Company,
Metacomet Mill,          Fall River.
Pocasset Manufact. Co.,        "
Troy Cotton and Woollen Co.,
Union Mill Company,
Watuppa Cotton-mill,           "
Granite M\ills (printing cloths), ,,
Blackburn, George, & Co., Oli-
liver Ellis, agent,    Fitchburg.
Gill, J. S. & J. (sheet ings, etc.),
Sherwin, Levi (sheetings, etc.),
Cottrell, S. II. (printing cloth),
Daniels, Adams (batts and
wicks),                      "
Porter, Bradford G. (twine), Freetown.
Pratt, L. S.,              Grafton.
Fisher, Erastus, Farnumsville,  "
Morse, Alfred (shirtings),    "
Claflin Mills (printing goods),
Asa F. Smith, agent, N. E.
Village,                     "
Davis Mill (sheetings),        "
Pratt, L. S.,                 "t
Saunders' Cotton-mills,        "
Monument Mills (warps),
Great Barrington.
Calvin, A. P. (cotton flannel), Holden.
Morse, A. & Co. (cotton iloth),  "
Pratt, C. M. (cotton cloth),
Smith, Asa F. (cotton cloth),
Walker & Wright (silesias),
Waterhouse, Joseph,       Holliston.
Lyman Mills,               Holyoke.
Hampden Mills,
Hadley Comp'y (spool cotton),
Holyoke Warp Mills (Union
cloths),                     "
Lawrence & Co. (cotton jeans
and hosiery),            1pswich.
Dane Manufac. Co. (drillings),
Heard, Augustine (light drill-
Newcomb, Thos. & Co. (thread),
Wilder, C. L. (shectings), Lancaster.
Atlantic and other Mills in
Lawrence, [see Manufactures
of Lawrence.]
Beach, Royce & Co. (seamless
bags),                       Lee.
Appleton Company and other
Mills in Lowell, [see Manu-
factures of Lowell.]
Ludlow Manufacturing Comp.,
H. Root, agent,          Ludlow.
Wood & Merritt,                "
East Mansfield Manufacturing
Company (sea island cotton
thread),           East Mansfield.

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