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Jones, Owen, 1809-1874. / The grammar of ornament : illustrated by examples from various styles of ornament

Preface to the folio edition,   pp. 1-4

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IT would be far beyond the limits of the powers of any one individual to
attempt to gather together illustrations of the innumerable and ever-varying
phases of Ornamental Art. It would be barely possible if undertaken by a
Government, and even then it would be too voluminous to be generally useful.
All, therefore, that I have proposed to myself in forming the collection
which I
have ventured to call the Grammar of Ornament, has been to select a few of
the most prominent types in certain styles closely connected with each other,
in which certain general laws appeared to reign independently of the individual
peculiarities of each. I have ventured to hope that, in thus bringing into
immediate juxtaposition the many forms of beauty which every style of ornament
presents, I might aid in arresting that unfortunate tendency of our time
be content with copying, whilst the fashion lasts, the forms peculiar to
bygone age, without attempting to ascertain, generally completely ignoring,
peculiar circumstances which rendered an ornament beautiful, because it was
appropriate, and which, as expressive of other wants when thus transplanted,
entirely fails.
It is more than probable that the first result of sending forth to the world

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