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The flower-garden display'd: in above four hundred curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, regularly dispos'd in the respective months of their blossom, curiously engrav'd on copper-plates from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, and coloured to the life: with the description and history of each plant and the method of their culture, whether in stoves, green-houses, hot-beds... ; very useful, not only for the curious in gardening, but the prints likewise for painters, carvers, japaners, &c. also for the ladies

[Productions of the month of August],   pp. [unnumbered]-75

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O           The FLOWER-GARDEN                dfplqy'd.
9ugUf. about the Roots, and planting them in a free and
open Soil, in February or March; or you may raiCe the
- Plant from Cuttings, at the fame time, planted in
Pots, and fet in Hot-beds; or in September or OFlo-
Numb. XI. Ponds blue Throatwort. This bears a Cluf-
ter of finall blue Flowers of an Ultramarine Colour; you
may raile it from Seeds fown in March, on a Hot-bed.
The Plant comes from Carolina, and fo I fuppofe has its
Name from the Indians.
Numb. XII. Palma chrijli. This Plant is brought
to us from America. There are feveral Kinds of it, but
the Plant which is here figured is only Annual with us.
It grows near three Foot high, with Spikes of Flowers
of a very odd Nature; thofe at the bottom are Male-blof-
foms, of a pale yellow Colour; and thofe on the top of
the Spike are Female, with their Pifils of a Carmine Co-
lour, and the reft of a bluilfh Green.  'Tis raifed from
Seeds fown in March, on a Hot-bed, which may be trang.
planted in May. It loves a light Soil.
Numb. XIII. Purple Convolvulus.  This is the Plant
which is call'd convolvulus Major, at the Seed-Shops. Its
Flowers are of a bluifh Purple Colour; and as it is a
twining Plant, it ought to have a Stick for its Sup-
port. We railfe this from Seed fown in March, on a
Hot-bed; and it may be, planted out in May, in a free
open Soil.
Numb. XIV. Polyanthos. This Flower, without any diflin-
guifhing Chara6der, is placed amongft the Flowers of this
Month by Mr. Furber, to few that it bloffoms at this Sea-
1on. The Colours of it are, firft a yellow Eye, and the a-
5                          ther

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