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The flower-garden display'd: in above four hundred curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, regularly dispos'd in the respective months of their blossom, curiously engrav'd on copper-plates from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, and coloured to the life: with the description and history of each plant and the method of their culture, whether in stoves, green-houses, hot-beds... ; very useful, not only for the curious in gardening, but the prints likewise for painters, carvers, japaners, &c. also for the ladies

[Productions of the month of May],   pp. [unnumbered]-48

Page 44

44          The FLOWER-GARDEN                 dplay'd.
Wa P.    Numb. XVII. The Purple Mallow. This flowers like
the common Mallow, only the Flowers are all of a red-
dith Purple Colour, except the Thrum in the middle,
which is yellow.  It is raifed from Seeds fown either as
foon as they are ripe, or in March.  It is fo hardy that
'twill profper in any Soil.
Numb. XVIII. Arbor Yude.      This makes a pretty
Tree, either as a Standard, or to be planted againft a
Wall. At this time 'tis cover'd with Bloffoms of a Peech
Bloom-colour, fhaded with Carmine, of the Shape of Pea-
Bloffoms, which gives the Plant a fine Appearance, efpe-
cially as they are accompany'd with tender fprouting
Leaves of a beautiful Green. The Seeds ripen very well,
and fhould be fown in March, in fine Earth.  I always
give them a Hot-bed, which gains a Year in their
Numb. XIX. Embroider'd Crain's-Bill, or Geranium.
This is a Dwarf-Plant; and its Flowers are remarkably
beautiful for the fine Variegations in them of Crimfon,
upon a white Ground.   We may propagate this by di-
viding it at any time between the Month of February
and September. It loves an open Soil.
It is chiefly cultivated in Pots, and is kept in a com-
mon Green-Houfe in the Winter, that is, forn the
End of September, to the Beginning of this Month; but
I judge that 'tis hardy enough to ftand abroad all the
Numb. XX. The Dwarf Dutch Tulip.      This is truly
the Dwarf Perfian Tulip, tho' we had it from Holland.
Its Flower is but fmall, and does not blow above five
or fix Inches- high. It is of a yellow Colour, firip'd on

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