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The flower-garden display'd: in above four hundred curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, regularly dispos'd in the respective months of their blossom, curiously engrav'd on copper-plates from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, and coloured to the life: with the description and history of each plant and the method of their culture, whether in stoves, green-houses, hot-beds... ; very useful, not only for the curious in gardening, but the prints likewise for painters, carvers, japaners, &c. also for the ladies

Productions of the month of March,   pp. 16-29

Page 26

.26         The FLOWER-GARDEN               dyplay'd.
q.ttx   Numb. XIX. The Large-leav'd Norway Maple.   This
makes a pleafant Tree, as thofe mention'd Numb. XII.
and Numb. XV. of this Month; but the Flowers of
this are green, with yellow Tendrils.  The Culture of
this is the fame as Numb. XII. only this Sort is more
Numb. XX. Double Pulchra Hyacinth. This is a fa-
ned Hyacinth brought from Holland. Its Stem is firong
and well fet, with double white Flowers with a little Tinge
of Red in the Middle; the Red is a pale Lake.  It is
manag'd in the Garden like the White Starry Hyacinth,
of this Month.
Numb. XXI. Th     Mcm of Fr-ancc' NarJus.  This
fort of Narcifus comes to us from Flanders. It bloffoms
on a Stalk about a Foot high, bringing feveral Flowers
on the Top, which have Leaves of a Straw Colour, and
an Orange Cup in the Middle. 'Tis propagated like the
Bofleman, Numb. III. of this Month.
Numb. XXII. The Palto Auriflama Tulip. This early
Tulip makes a very gay Appearance, being ftriped with
a Carmine Colour upon a Limon Ground. We had it
from Holland. It bloffoms about ten Inches high, and
fhould be treated in the Garden, as is dire&ed for the cla-
ramon Tulip, Numb. XVII.
Numb. XXIII. The Blue Oriental Hyacinth. This, how-
ever it is called, came to us from Flanders.  It blows a-
bout ten Inches high, and the Flowers full fet on the
Stalks; their Colour is a deep Blue. Its Management in
the Garden is the fame with the White Starry Hyacinth.
Numb. XXIV. The Single Bloody Wall-Flower. This
Plant makes a pretty Bufh about a Foot and half high,

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