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Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. / Craftsman homes

A craftsman house in which tower construction has been effectively used,   pp. 56-59

Page 57

twu corner      in  front and to the tipper and
lower veran(las, both ample in size
an(l (leeply recessed, which occupy
the \VhOle Wi(lth of the house be-
tween the towers. Of these, one is
the entrance porch and the other
an  outdoor     sleeping   room,~the
latter  a    very  essential part  of
every   house     that is  huilt with
special  reference    to   health and
tree(lOm of living.
  As stiggeste(l here, the honse is
of  cement     and  half<timber  con<
struction with a tiled roof and a
foundation     of   local  field stone
carefully    split  and   fitted. The
I otin(lation  is carrie(l tip
to    form     the  parapets
that  shelter   the  recessed
porches      on   the  lower
stcirv. an(l the
                  copings are
4   cray     san(lstone.  The
\valls are of cement plas<
ter on metal lath, the plas-
ter being given the rough
gravel finish and colored
in varvii~ tones of green.
  All the exterior wood trim is of cypress
very much darkened by the chemical process
          ~vhich we nse.   In this house the
          exterior  woodwork    is especially
             satisfying in its structural form,
             being decorative in its lines and
             the division of wall spaces and
             yet obviously an essential part
             of the structure.  The horizon-
             tal beams serve to bind together
          the lines of the whole framework,
          and the uprights are simply cor-
          ner-posts and continuations of the
          win(low frames.   The roof of dull
          red tiles gives life and warmth to
          the color scheme of the exterior,
                an(l the thick round pillars
                painte(l white lend a sharp
                accent that emphasizes the
                    The entrance door is at
                the left end of the porch
                which,   by   this device, is
                made to    seem less like a
                mere   entrance    and more
                like  a  pleasant  gathering
                place  where    otitdoor life
                may go on.     This porch is
                illustrated in detail on page
ninety<nine as a typical Craftsman front porch.
,) Œ

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