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Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. / Craftsman homes

A simple, straightforward design from which many homes have been built,   pp. 54-55

Page 55

THIS has been one of the most popular
       of the Craftsman house designs and
       as shown here it has been modified
       somewhat  from  the first plan,    the
modifications and improvements having been
suggested by the different people who have
built the house, so that they are all valuable
as the outcome of practical experience.   Al-
though the illustration shows plastered walls
and a foundation of field stone, the design
lends itself quite as readily to walls of brick
or stone, or even to shingles or clapboards,
if a wooden house be desired.
                                           The outside kitchen at the back
is recom-
                                         mended only in the event o¹f
the house being
                                         built in the country, because in
town it would
                                         hardly be needed.   In a farmhouse
such an
                                         outside kitchen is most convenient
as it af-
                                         fords an outdoor place for such
work as wash-
                                         ing and ironing, canning, preserving
and other
                                         tasks which are much less wearisome
if done
                                         in the open air.  The position of
the chimney
                                         at the back of the house makes it
possible for
                                         a stove to he placed upon this porch
for the
                                         use mentioned.   The house is so
designed that
                                         this outside kitchen may be added
to it or
                                         omitted, as desired, without making
any dif-
                                         ference to the plan as a whole.
 The plan of
                                         the lower story shows the usual
open       ar-
                                         rangement of the Craftsman house.
   The en-
                                         trance door opens into a small entry
                                         from the living room by heavy porti~res,
                                         that no draught from the front door
is felt
                                         inside.   On the outside wall of
the living
                                         room    is the arrangement of  
 fireplace and
                                         bookcases, as shown in the illustration.
                                         large table might be placed in the
center, with
                                         a settle back to it and facing the

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