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Plaw, John, 1744 or 5-1820 / Sketches for country houses, villas, and rural dwellings; calculated for persons of moderate income, and for comfortable retirement.

Preface.,   pp. [3]-8

Page 5

        - :                     ~~~~~('5  )
  -  T~irdly, The ivfpe~s or -expfure, both with regard to the fun and the
*-'  i t winds ofT the country.
  "Fourthly, The fhape of the ground near the Houfe.
  -*' Ffthly,, The views firom -t1 feeral apartments.
  'Si3hXy, The numerous 6jeds of comfort: ffuL+h as a dry foil, a fupply
gaod water, proper fpace for offices, with various other converiences effential
: a' ie in the  ounti  and which in a town may femetimes be difpenmfr with,
or at leaft very differently dipofed.
  OIl is hardly poffible to arrange thefe fix confiderations according to
their re-
Ipeaive weight or Influence, whikh mttft depend on a comparifon of one withk
the other, under a variety of circumftances; and even on the partiality of
viduAls in affixing diffierent degrees of importance to each confideration.
it-is *lwieus, that there can be no danger of famenefs in any -two defins
Au&,ed an principles thus eftablifhed; fince, in every different fituation,
tome one
ormoreof thefe confiderations mufi preponderate; and the -moft -ational deci-
fion will refult from a combined view of all the feparate advantages or diiiin-
tages to be forefeen from each.
  ' Befides -the charader which the iflyle and fize of the Houfe will cotnAr
Qn a
VIlace, there js a -naturalkhara5er .qfcountry, which muft influence the
fite and
difpolition of an Houfe; and though in the country there is not -the fame
calion as in towns, for placing offices under ground, or for fetting the
apartments on a bafement ftory, as it is ar -more defirable to walk from
Houfe on the fame level with the ground; yet there are fituations which require
toberifed abovecthe x ntural.furface: this is-the cafe at Welbeck, where
Parkmnotonly abounds with -bold and confpicuous inequalities, but in -many
plaes Thereare alm6ft imperceptible -fwellings in the ground, which-art would
in vaminattempt to remedy, from their vaft breadth; 'though -they afe -evident
defe&s*whever they appear to cut acrofsXthe flers of trees, -and hide
bWlf th6ei trunks;,- forifthe wbolearunik were   rifedly hidJ;y- futhA fwvekl,
ijury -wo   beklfs, becautethe imagnation is a4ways ray toiinkt4 e v
nd--raife the-hill,-if.t  kod I-its,  rtsty fe     ual   ndard -f of
      0 -                            3                            t <
B 4 - furement.

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