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Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

Plate descriptions,   pp. 7-27 ff.

Page 16

[ 16 ] 
parts; one of which is divided in three equal parts 
one way, and into four the other 
way; then divide one of these parts into twelve equal 
parts, as you see specified, 
and draw a diagonal from corner to corner in one 
division, to take off an half, 
quarter, or three quarters, &c. The mouldings are 
all drawn from this scale, and 
this method must be used for all the book-cases in
 the book. This cornice is diffe- 
rent from that in the design, but there are other 
cornices of the same sort with that 
in the drawing. 
LXV. and LXVI. 
PLATE LXV. is a Library Book-Case.  The dimensions 
are all fix'd to the 
design.  Plate LXVI. is the mouldings at large, sfet off by the scale, with
block cornice different from that in the book-case; 
the scale is made after the same 
method as that in the plate N0. LXIV. 
PLATE LXVII. is a Library Book-Case, with its 
profile and scale; and 
LXVIII. is the mouldings all at large, set off 
by the scale, made in the same 
method as plate LXIV.  This book-case will be very
 beautiful if neatly executed. 
S  LXIX. and LXX. 
PLATE LXIX. is a Library Book-Case in Perspective; 
the dimensions are all 
fixed to the design; and plate LXX. are all 
the mouldings at large, with the 
scale made in the same manner as in plate LXIV. It 
would be needless to say any 
more of this book-case, as the design demonstrates 
what it is. 
PLATE LXXI. is a neat Gothic Library Book-Case, 
with a profile and scale. 
This book-case, made by an ingenious workman,
 will have the desired effect, 
Plate LXXII. is the mouldings, all the same, except 
the block cornice.  The scale is 
made after the same manner as the preceding. 

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