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Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

General proportions,   pp. 1-3

Bases for the columns,   pp. 3-4

Page 3

31 ] 
PLATE V.   No. 5. 
TAKE any determined Height, as in the CORINTHIAN Order,
and divide it 
into five Parts, one Part shall be the Height of 
the Pedestal, the other four 
Parts must be divided again into five Parts as before; one 
of them is the Height of 
the Entablature: The Height of the Capital is one Module, 
and ten Parts:  The 
Column diminishes 1/5 of its Semi-diameter on each Side, from
 one third Part of the 
Height.  The Dimensions are as in the CORINTHIAN Order. 
PLATE VI.  No. 6. 
THE Bases are in Height a Semi-diameter of the Column, 
their Projections are 
1/3 of the Height; their Members are of an easy Form, 
being most of them 
a Semi-circular, except the Scotia, which is a Mixti-linear 
drawn from two Centers, 
in this Manner, as in the IONICK Base.  Having drawn and 
divided the Bigness of 
each Member, and the Centers of the upper and lower Torus,
 then let fall a Per- 
pendicular from the Center of the upper Torus, and divide
 it within the Space of 
the Scotia into seven Parts, the three uppermost will be 
the Segment of the Circle 
drawn to the oblique Line: The other Segment is drawn by 
fixing the Center 
where the Oblique cuts the Perpendicular; the other Scotias 
are drawn in the same 
Manner.  The Mouldings are all the same as prick'd or mark'd 
in the Orders. 

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