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Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

The names of the subscribers,   pp. vii-x

Page viii

Mr. Henry Constable, upholsterer 
---- Crook, plasterer 
Joseph Conyears, cabinet-maker 
John Chambers 
The Right Hon. Lord Delawar 
Sir Conyers D'Arcy, knt. of the Bath 
Lewis Douglas, of Garwald, esq; 
George Dempster, of Dunichen, esq; 
Mr. William Dempster, jeweller 
Thomas Dawson, cabinet-maker 
Robert Dawson 
John Dale, cabinet-maker 
Richard Denham 
Thomas Dade, joyner 
Thomas Davis, joyner 
James Davis 
William Davison, cabinet-maker 
Thomas Dean, cabinet- maker 
George Dickson, cabinet-maker 
William Dunell 
---- Dorrington 
William Dee 
Allexander Dingwall, cabinet-maker 
Solomon Dingle, joyner 
Richard Dark, upholsterer 
Matthias Darly, engraver 
The Rt. Hon. Lord Elphinston 
Augustine Earle, esq; 
Mr. George Edwards 
Charles Edwards, enammeller 
---- Elwick, upholder 
The Right Hon. Lord Feversham 
Mr. John Fothergill, joyner 
William Farmborough, cabinet-maker 
William Franks, bricklayer 
John France 
George Fairweather, cabinet-maker 
Henry Foy, cabinet-maker 
Benjamin Fox, cabinet-maker, 2 books 
Richard Farrer upholder, York 
The Rt. Hon. Lord Guildford 
The Rt. Hon. Lord Guernsey 
Mr. Francis Guillander, enameller 
James Gray 
William Gordon, cabinet-maker 
Ambrose Godfrey, chymist 
----Gaffield, cabinet-maker. 
Robert Green 
Jonathan Greenwell 
Richard Gomm 
Edward Good, upholder 
James Good, ditto 
John Goodeyre, cabinet-maker 
Richard Gillow 
Samuel Goulding 
Thomas Gill 
Nathaniel Goldsmith 
Edward Griffith 
Samuel Goulding 
His Grace the Duke of Hamilton 
The Right Hon. the Earl of Hopton 
The Right Hon. the Earl of Hallifax 
Robert Hamilton of Kilbrookmont, esq; 
Archibald Hope, of Ranquillor, esq; 
Mr. Thomas Hooper 
Thomas Hopper, cabinet-maker, 2 Books 
William Howdell 
Nathaniel Hobson, cabinet-maker 
Aaron Hardcastle, joyner 
Robert Hudson, cabinet-maker. 
William Henderson 
---- Holl 
lsaac Hoyle 
William Hollingsworth 
William Henshaw 
William Hunter, upholder 
James Hodges 
Pearce Hall, cabinet-maker 
Anthony Hilker, picture-frame-maker 
---- Hardman, upholder 
---- Halsey, carver 
Hugh Harrison, at Richmond shire, York 
David Hopkins, cabinet-maker 
Samuel Hayworth, carver 
William Halse, cabinet-maker 
James Hudson, cabinet-maker 
Christopher Higgions 
Mr. Leonard Jennings, cabinet-maker 
Thomas Jellings, cabinet-maker 
William Ince, cabinet-maker 
John Jeffries, upholder 
Joseph Jackson, cabinet-maker 
Caleb Jeacock, cabinet-maker 
---- Jeffier, cabinet-maker 
Owen Jones, cabinet-maker 
His Grace the Duke of Kingston 
Mr. John Kier, cabinet-maker 
William Kaygill, cabinet-maker 
John Kingston 
Quintin Kay 
---- Kilpin, upholder 
Alexander Kincaid, cabinet-maker 
---- Knowles 
The Most Hon. Marquiss of Lothian 
Lady Lewis, of Trentham 
Thomas Lundin, of Lundin, esq; 
James Lumisden, of Runnyhill, esq; 
Mr. David Lothian 

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