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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Four popular Craftsman houses,   pp. 301-304 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 301

"W      THERE can I see Craftsman house designs?" In answer to
a persistent de-
   V    ,   mand, we are intending to reproduce and to describe each month
in the
            (CRAFTSMAN MAGAZINE four Craftsman houses. This will be continued
            we have reproduced the two hundred house designs which we have
on file.
A front elevation and floor plans will be shown on each page.
     We will furnish tentative estimates and cost of complete plans upon
     Service Department, Craftsman Publishing Co., 6 East 39th St., New York
                            FIELD STONE
T HE bungalow illustrated here has been planned as
      a summer or all-year home for some country spot
      where there is plenty of field stone, although it
      may of course be built of other materials if there
is no stone at hand. The construction of the roof makes
the building especially suitable for the top of a low hill
or knoll, and if the material of the walls is repeated in
the steps, or entrance, or in a low wall around the
garden, it will help to link the little dwelling more
closely to its surroundings. In the working drawings
of the building we have shown the fireplace carried up
to the ceiling in field stone, with a wide wood lintel
above the fireplace opening. If there is no stone to be
had, the chimneypiece may be of brick or cement.
  In such a simple country home no separate dining
room seems necessary, for the living room being next
to the kitchen will answer this purpose, and when the
weather is fine the meals will no doubt be taken out on
the porch.
  The bedrooms are arranged so that they will be con-
venient to the bathroom, and three closets are provided.
If thi.s i not enough storage space, box seats may be
used in the living room beneath the front windows.   FLOOR PLAN OF STONE

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