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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

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us remove
this sign!
   The 0 ff the Street Club,
where children living in the
congested districts of Chicago can
congregate, is over-crowded. The
three story building with its play
rooms, its reading rooms and warm
firesides are closed to newcomers.
More room is needed. Will you help?
Those Outside
have no yard to play in, seldom
a home for comfort. The dirty, noisy,
crowded street is their yard and almost
their home. Many a fine mind and many a
sturdy character has been ruined in these
Those Inside
are given a place to play during
the day and evening, finding mentally,
morally and physically, healthy com-
panions. The children are not objects of a
charity, but subjects for the making of oppor-
tunities. The Off the Street Club has thus
developed a fine woman out of many a girl
whose future was doubtful, and has built the
manhood of hundreds and hundreds of boys.
  It is heart-rending to exclude newcomers.
  But it is better to do this than further to over-
crowd those within.
25c pays the expenses
every day and evening
for one child for 22 days
$1.00 takes care of
3 children for a month
$2.00 takes care of
6 children for a month
$5.00 takes care of
15 children for a month
$10.00 takes care of
30 children for a month
$25.00 takes care of
75 children for amonth
$100.00 takes care of
300 children for a month
   Send any subscription
 you wish (mailing check or
 money order payable di-
 rect to Coam Exchange
 National Bank, Chicago)
 or send first for booklet.
  The Off the Street Club in
Chicago is rendering such a unique
service that everybody interested in
social problems should investigate.
The plan will appeal especially to
selfmade men and to women of
strength-for this is not an ordin-
ary "charity"-it is a movement for
the making of opportunities.
  The Off the Street Club is
incorporated in Illinois, without
profit. Open to all. No creed, no
race distinctions. Practically no
overhead. (The superintendent gets
no salary.)
  The men back of this or-
ganization are the publishing and
advertising interests of the country.
Practically every magazine and
newspaper in the United States has
a representative who contributes
either in time or cash-generally
both-to the Off tile Street Club.
    Stories Off-the-Street Club
                   By Edwin Balmer, the Noted Magazine Writer
    We wish to send you free a little booklet called "Stories of the
Off-the-Street Club." These
i t  -: .     :  -  t .. . ?. , I ;1,It  an-l inter,esting tales from  the
congested districts of a metropolis, will open
                                    1%     The boys of the Oit-the-.'trer,
having -o- --                        -
                                            others That, and that alobe.
rakes for charaCer. Here is a group of boy scOuts
Addres ..................................................................
 rorei  this club, taking  X ias bunslle  to poor fanilies in the neighborhood.
                                              you like to sed so.e extra
nouney fur a bundle,
Kindly mention The Craftsman
            17 a
stories, w ith mantiy s(e iO9iO1
  Off- %
C. H. Porter, Tr
c/o Corn Excitan
Bask - C11
  I enclose in
tion of ....
for the Off
Please send
the-Street Cl
congested dii

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