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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Book reviews,   pp. 296-18a PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 15a

W HAT is there about the Franklin
       Car that gives an entirely new sense
       ofeffcciency to the man who has
owned ten other motor cars, and now
owns four of different makes?
   Whatever this thing may be, whatever
the factors responsible for it, it can be
covered by one general term Ability.
   Road ability as you find it in the
 Franklin Cars is the all-'round ability to
 show speed, safety, comfortand economy,
 in service month after
 month and taking          The Now See
 road conditions as     TrotI Car
 they come.            Rxnabxt    a
                       Four-paswsentr Roadst
   It is a fact that any Cabrisot
 man who owns other    Brougham
 cars and a Franklin    Town Car
 will find himself al- Domin.
 ways using the Franklin I?! Pe,,
for his own driving.
   Even the enclosed Franklin Cars are
 showing a higher road ability than most
 motorists will dream of getting out of
 their open cars of whatever make.
   With the Franklin Car, you have i
 -quick get-away. You have speed on tht
 hills. You have maximum speed from
 place to place-not merely that short
 burst between nearby points, but the hour-
 in, hour-out maximum average that makes
 long-distance touring a success.
   The ability of the Franklin Car is an
 ability you can use without working yourself.
   The ease and safety of fast driving with
 the Franklin Car are things that the owner
                   of the average car
 Franklin Cars     never experiences.
 2280 .........-SSS0.00  The Franklin has
 2190 Meb - ....... 1800.O0  -dways been celebrat-
 2250 lbs .-------- 1850.00
 2550 lb:: .------ 260.00  ed as the car ofhighes)
 2585 lb.--- 2750.00
 2540 1b._.... -- 2700.o0  efficiency - for econ-
 26840 lbs. - 3.... 800.00
 2690 lbs --.. 00... 3M0.00  omy in operation, for
 260 -    - 3      saving in repairs and
0. B. Syracuse   Idepreciation.
    You will go more miles to the gallon of
 gasoline-more miles to the set of tires.
   Franklin road ability can be demonstrated
 to your satisfaction by any Franklii
 dealer anywhere in the United States.
               SYRACUSE,N.Y. U.S.A.
Kindly mention The Craftsman
          15 a

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