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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Jakobi, Paula
The lecture: a story,   pp. 254-257 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 256

   Listening to the message of things achieved.
   The painting of the splendor of life, of worlds to conquer and
make real worlds I
   Her heart beats faster at the thought of the life within her and
the richness and the promise.
   How she will foster and protect it and give it the beautiful world
and the larger life-
   The woman who is earnestly seeking, earnestly striving,
   Looking in every direction to try to help straighten out the chaos.
   The chaos of tangled lives, of wretchedness and inequality.
   She burns to see things righted.
   But there is so much to be righted that she does nothing but dream
how to reform the world.
    The fashionable milliner who never misses one of these lectures.
    For here she can see the styles and know what is most becoming.
    She is sorry when the lecture is over, for there are many styles.
    She is repaid by the end of the hour.
    Occasionally there is a simply clad woman intervening.
    One with deep eyes and earnest brow.
    One who looks as though she would listen and understand.
    One who would learn this lesson of communal life.
    Is this a lecture only for women?
    No. A bold or curious man or one interested in City Planning
    Makes his conspicuous way through the feminine crowd.
    The theater grows light. The speaker is on the platform.
 HE lecture is over. There is applause. Then animated con-
          The well fed, well groomed woman looks for her pretty,
 plump daughter with indulgent smile.
    The girl's eyes are moist. "A great lecture," she whispers
to her
    "Yes, but if we don't hurry we'll be late for our table at Mail-
    The old, old woman wonders whether getting up so early in the
 morning is worth the exertion.
    Some seated nearest the speaker are hushed.
    They are so rapt in thought they do not realize that it is over.

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