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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

The "play-girl" in fiction,   pp. 217-223 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 223

sculptor, an editor or a farmer. "If possible," he said, "a
man should
get his daily bread through the thing he enjoys doing. A man's
hobby should be his profession, then he is going to do good work.
You have got to enjoy writing to write well, you have got to enjoy
farming to make any sort of an agriculturist. Unless I enjoy the
story that I do I am sure that the emotion I have had in planning it
does not go through to the reader, and when the reader does respond,
does for the moment give me his heart as well as his eyes, then he may
rest assured that I have enjoyed writing that story for him.
   "Personally, in my own fiction of the present day, I am not trying
to preach any sermon, teach any lessons, I am not pretending that
what I have to say is important. I am interested in life as it is being
lived today, I am immensely interested in writing about it, and feel
that my chance to do so is a very jolly one. If, in addition to enjoy-
ing my work, I can amuse others, that is my good fortune. Person-
ally, I have grown to feel that writing is not one of the important
arts-the writer of stories, the singer of songs are not the great people
today. I feel that the man who is important to his country is the doer
of deeds. The writer about the doer of deeds, in my estimation, comes
last at the feast. Today the splendid man is the one who is in Europe
changing the map of the world, the man who is building great bridges,
putting through enormous engineering feats, the man with vast
courage and splendid heroism, the man who is freshening up the spirit
of the universe. The writer of words, the singer of songs is a pleasant
entertainer, but the man who is changing the spirit as well as the
typography of the universe is one who stirs the emotions, enriches the
mind and uplifts the spirit."

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