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The craftsman
Volume XXX, Number 2 (May 1916)

Ten excellent birds: good friends of the farmer: coming bird days and weeks,   pp. 220-221 PDF (482.8 KB)

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Beauty of/dhe odern ffome
  They preserve the charm of line and archi-
tectural proportion.
  Soss Invisible Hinges emphasize beautiful
wood finishes, as there is no projecting metal
on either side of the door.
  They are simple, strong and durable, and an
Improvement on any class of work from fine
cabinet work to the heaviest doors.
        Send for catalogue "C." It
        is interesting and instructive.
 435-443 Atlantic Ave.      Brooklyn, N. Y.
             BRANCH OFFICES
Chlcuao-160 North 5th Ave.  Los Angeles-224 Central Bldg.
San Franciso--164 Hansford Bldg.  Minneapolis-3416 2nd Ave., South
           Detroit-922 David Whitney Bldg.
te 3mperial lfngrabing Co.
More and more white
enamel is being used
in the better homes
  --the room in the picture is one example.
  It is worked out in the highly popular
  Adam style.
  The walls are Gray Tint Mellotone-ceil-
  ing a combination Gray Tint and White
  -floor white oak, finished natural with
  three coats of "Little Blue Flag" Dur-
  able Floor Varnish-woodwork, Linduro
  Enamel .White.
  Pearl colored net with mulberry overhang-
  Sugs-rug in which browns, reds and tans
  predominate-and mahogany furniture-
  complete this room, which to look its
  brightest and best should have southwest
  exposure. In the execution of high class
  work, there's never-failing satisfaction in
     Linduro Enamel
  Applied over poplar and other soft woods it pro-
  duces an ivory-like finish without a frace of brush
  marks. The white, an exquisitely white white,
  a'sd the tints of blue white, ivory and creani-all,
  are the perfection of daintiness and good taste.
  Linnduro Enamel produces a durable, non-absor-
  bent, and easily cleaned surface and is just as
  practical as it is artistic. You can depend on it to
  hold its original beauty for years.
  Write for the "House Outside and Inside"
  showing in the actual colors the room pictured
  above and others just as attractive, with informa-
  tion about the products used in the finishing.
  The'Lowe Brof8es Company
     462 E. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio
 Boston   New York    Jersey City  Chicago
    Kansas City   Minneapolis  Toronto
ion The Craftsman
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