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The craftsman
Volume XXVII, Number 5 (February 1915)

Comfort, Will Levington
Vintage, nineteen fourteen: a story,   pp. 508-515 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 514

lamp buining in that big house of a man-flickering, at that' >
color bad, its shadow monstrous. Every one but Boylan had
clared that he would die from that wound in his chest.
   Boylan was sitting now-the seventh afternoon-at the ed
the Parisian bed, when he heard a voice below. His jaw clde
as it had done that night outside the British camp. The woman!
found them.
   "I was waiting in Flushing, as he said, when I read the sto 0
his wound, and the way you brought him through to the English
I can't get over that."
   "Humph," came from Boylan, as he watched her, for her eyes
upon the bed.......
   Darnton was still afar off.
   The woman saw the situation at once; in fact, she saw the w,
in Boylan, the mysterious draggled secret creature, which he d
nated his devil on occasion. The great war-man gave her credit
no such penetration. Miss Coolidge kept herself second, ne
played the love-lady, advised, assisted, would not let Boylan go.
   "He is knit to you. He will die if you go," she said.
   Another time she told him: "Oh, you won't understand. I
what you are and what you've done. You can hate me all youw"
but you've got to take what I give you-"
   "You're an all right young woman," Boylan remarked. "I
that before Darnton did." In something like panic, he ad
"He'll know you to-night. He's cool. He'll pull through. H,
know you to-night, and then I go."
   "Not until he sees you -
   It wasn't that night, but the next morning Darnton opened
eyes with reason and organization back. He saw Boylan.
   "Hello," he said.
   "Hello, boy."
   Darnton looked beyond him, and around the room.
   "Go to sleep," said Boylan.
   "I won't."
   "Then wait a minute."
   Boylan came back with her. Darnton managed to get his knua.
les up to rub his eyes.
   "He's back with us," Boylan whispered.
   "Don't go," she pleaded.
   "Don't be a fool," said Boylan.
   She bent over Darnton, lower and lower. It was against nattU
for them not to forget themselves for a moment, and Boylan .w
away and in the streets.

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