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The craftsman
Volume XXVII, Number 5 (February 1915)

Henri, Robert
"My people",   pp. 459-469 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 460

instance in the Ring, is order in sound; sculpture as Donr
big, sure, infinite, is order in proportion; painting, i
artist has the wisdom that ordained the rainbow is or,
poetry,-Whitman, Ibsen, Shelley, each is supreme orc
expression. It is not too much to say that art is the n
existence of order throughout the world, and so, order s
tion and inspires one to reproduce this beautiful relation
in the universe, as best one can. Everywhere I find that
order in Nature is understood and freely shown, the resul
-the Irish peasant has nobility of language and facia
the North American Indian has nobility of poise, of ge
all children have nobility of impulse. This orderlines
or the world could not hold together, and it is a vision o
that enables the artist along any line whatsoever to
present through his imagination the wonder that stim
    It is disorder in the mind of man that produces chac
that brings about such a war as we are today overwi
It is the failure to see the various phases of life in t]
relation that brings about militarism, slavery, the loi
nation to conquer another, the willingness to destro:
unhuman purposes. Any right understanding of the pi
of man to man and man to the universe would make wa
   The revolutionary parties tnat Dreak away  or_ %.  ---.
from dead organizations are always headed by men with a vi
of order, with men who realize that there must be a balance in
so much of what is good for each man, so much to test the sinew
his soul, so much to stimulate his joy. But the war machin
   " +. A -A --n hv the few for the few. There is no order in
seclusion of the world's good for the minority, and the battle for t
...... LI     I   +- i.. + A;Qnr anization of the minds who institute
proves LII e~ i[  v comp ..... .... .
War is impossible without institutionalism, and institutionalism
the most destructive agent to peace or beauty. When the poe
the painter, the scientist, the inventor, the laboring man, the philok"
opher, see the need of working together for the welfare of the rac
a beautiful order will be the result and war will be as impossib'
as peace is today.
  SA  LTHOUGH all fundamental principles of Nature are orderly;
       humanity needs a fine, sure freedom to express these principles,
       When they are expressed freely, we find grace, wisdom, joy.
We only ask for each person the freedom which we accord to Nature
when we attempt to hold her within our grasp. If we are cultivating
fruit in an orchard, we wish that particular fruit to grow in its OWn

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