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The craftsman
Vol. XVII, Number 3 (December 1909)

Inexpensive cement construction for summertime and week-end cottages that the owner may erect for himself,   pp. 315-320 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 318

         FIRST FLOOR PLAN FOR TWO-STORY BUNGALOW. Twenty-one twenty-foot
elusivelv for summer use. Either
........ fo sum...............r
of them could be built with an
inside wall which would fit them
also for winter, but this, of course,
would add greatly to the expense.
One of the chief advantages of
the construction of these houses
is that when the house is closed
for the winter there is no place in
which mice could build their nests
or mildew collect. Every part of
the house is open to the air. Re-
turning in the spring the owner
needs only to brush down the cob-
webs and wipe away the dust to
find himself quite settled and at
home for the summer.
Stone - For footings and
    chimneys, 14 perches at
    $1.25 a perch ........ $17.50
Brick-For piers, 1,5oo at
    $9.50 M ............ 14.25
    For fireplace, 400 at
    Zo.4 per brick ........ 10.00
Girders (6x8) 192 feet at               SECOND FLOOR PLAN FOR TWO-STORY BUNGALOW.
    $0.20 per running foot... 38.40
    Eight 12 - foot lengths,
    eight Io-foot lengths and
    two 8-foot lengths.
Floor joists-(2x6) 712 feet
    at $o.o3% per running
    foot ..................  23.14
    Sixteen I6-foot lengths,
    thirty-eight 12-foot
Flooring-Y7" yellow pine, 960
    sq. ft. at $o.o3Y per sq.
    foot ..................  33.60
Uprights-(2x4) 1,222 feet at
    $o.02* per running foot.. 26.48
Uprights-(4x4) 246 feet at
    $o.o4'2 per running foot. io.66
    Nineteen io-foot lengths,
    four 8-foot lengths, two
    I2-foot lengths.
Roof rafters-(2x6) 2' o" on
    centers, 1,212   feet at
    Ro olIA ner rnnimnon fo. t    ----,

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