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The craftsman
Vol. VII, No. 5 (February 1905)

The open door,   pp. 626-634 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 630

                              OPEN DOOR
catalogue is something very appropriate in flooring for rooms of considerable
size and
these are reasonable in price as well.
   The company will be pleased to send their catalogue to parties who contemplate
building, on request.
IMPORTED                 Decorators and dealers in artistic wall hangings
will find in
WALL HANGINGS            our business pages two very attractive illustrations
of im-
ported wall papers in the announcement of The W. H. S. Lloyd Company, importers
of fine English, French and Japanese wall hangings, at 26 East Twenty-second
New York.
   Long experience and rare taste in selections and artistic combinations
have given
Mrs. Lloyd great prestige among decorators and dealers all over the country.
portfolios of hand colored landscapes and figured friezes, grass cloth, fiber
paper, sala-
mander and anaglypta relief decorations make an interesting art collection
well worth
a leisurely examination and study.
A HOMEY Mr. Milton Roblee, the proprietor of Hotel Belleclaire, Seventy-
HOTEL          seventh street and Broadway, would have been a success in
almost any
               calling in life, by virtue of the rare combination of gifts
which make
him th6 model manager of a model hotel. Always original, alert, affable and
almanac, he has made this magnificent up-town hotel one of the homiest, most
best co~iducted hostelries in the great metropolis. Mr. Roblee also excels
as the pub-
lisher of the bright little weekly "Hotel Belleclaire News," which
not only forecasts the
musical and social hotel features of the week, but is usually brimming with
bright and
original "Prescriptions for Happiness," two of which we will crowd
in here: "Upon ris-
ing in the morning, resolve that this day shall be the best of your life;
that you will lay
aside all selfishness, impatience, hatred, malice, avarice and covetousness.
Instead you
will acquire peace, joy, patience, love, harmony, opulence and truth."
And the second is
like unto it: "Don't tell your troubles. It doesn't do any good, and
besides it takes
up the other fellow's time who wants to tell his." Selah.
                                      .4 .0
NOVELTIES IN              Mr. Edwin A. Denham, sole importer and representative
FLEMISH      POTTERY       the Cdramiques de Flandres, from the Belgium Potteries,
                          has on exhibition a rare display of these novelties
at his place
of business, 430 Fifth avenue, New York. In rare gracefulness and originality
of form
and design, beauty and depth of coloring, these comparatively inexpensive
potteries are
surpassed by few of American or English products. These wares have but recently
introduced into this country. Each piece is made by Flemish artists and craftsmen
is turned, inlaid and decorated by hand, no moulds or mechanical contrivances
used. Mr. Denham will take pleasure in showing art connoisseurs and others
a choice variety of these potteries, freshly imported.

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