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The craftsman
Vol. VII, No. 5 (February 1905)

The open door,   pp. 626-634 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 629

TIN ROOFING Any statement made by the well-known firm of N. & G. Taylor
FACTS                Company is entitled to confidence and we quote with
                     their opinion of the proper quality of the blackplate
that should
be used for roofing tin. "Manufacturers are getting a good deal of advice
upon that
subject which might be exceedingly dangerous to follow. Because some roofing
tin is
badly made by the quick acid flux process, and because so much trouble has
resulted from
the use of the treacherous Bessemer Steel for the blackplate base, is not
a good reason
for condemning standard practices. The material composing the blackplate
is really
of not such importance as the way the roofing tin itself is made. It is well
enough to
bear in mind that almost all the brands of roofing tin imported over the
very active
period of ten years from i88o to I89O, millions upon millions of boxes were
made of
soft steel, and that roofing tin exists on the roofs of the United States
to-day just as good
as when it was put on, with a prospect of lasting for a long number of years
That is because the roofing tin itself was properly made irrespective of
the blackplate
base employed. We do not say this in defense of the use of mild steel (so
called) for
the blackplate base, but we simply give it as a fact without further comment."
BEAUTIFUL "Parquet Floors and Borders" is the title of the catalogue
issued by
FLOORING         The Interior Hardwood Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, whose
                 of beautifully designed and well made flooring carried off
first prize
and gold medal in this material at the St. Louis World's Fair.
   Their catalogue, containing over forty-five pages, has many of the floor
and border
designs exhibited at the Fair. Over one hundred different designed borders
are shown
in the catalogue and about sixty large illustrations with combinations of
Fields and ap-
propriate Borders. These run from the simplest patterns of oak carpet with
red cherry
borders, to those of the most elaborate and beautiful designed work in many
kinds of woods.
    Parquetry Floors have been made in Europe for centuries and the American
owner has long since learned that he is taking up no experiment when he selects
kind of flooring.
    It is not only exceedingly attractive but very sanitary. There is no
beating of car-
pets every spring or oftener, where "Wood Carpet" is used. No matter
how tastily
furnished or how beautiful the wall adornments of a room may be, the effect
will be
improved if a Parquetry Floor and Rugs are used. There is a tone of refinement
an air of cleanliness about a room which has the Hardwood Flooring, which
can not
be gained by other methods.
    In selecting Parquet Flooring, it is always well to mention to the manufacturer
color of the wood in the doors, mantels and furniture in the building, so
that the border
and field of the floor may correspond and harmonize in each room.
   The Interior Hardwood Co.'s French designs Nos. 802 and 803 shown in their
1    629

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