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The craftsman
Vol. VII, No. 5 (February 1905)

The open door,   pp. 626-634 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 627

                              OPEN DOOR
to advantage, affording helpful companionship and occupation during leisure
in their
homes all the year around. The new series will begin in the March number.
                                     .$ -4
HOME-MAKING           In addition to the friendly home-messages which the
HANDICRAFT             Door carries from its business patrons to its thousands
                      readers this month, the editor has a special message
to the
"gentle reader," in calling attention, in a neighborly way, to
its next door neighbor,
Our Home Department. This special home feature, begun in the January number,
has already won its own recognition as a welcome and helpful friend of the
wherever the home decorative instinct prevails.
    The educational value of its practical suggestions and illustrations
for artistic home-
crafts will commend itself to home-making readers and we trust, incidentally,
to our
business patrons as enhancing the interest and value of THE CRAFTSMAN'S advertising
pages, by affording a number of special position next or opposite reading
matter, which
our enterprising allies have not been slow to appreciate.
FOUR COZY In addition to the regular Craftsman House series, but entirely
COTTAGES         pendent of that proposition, THE CRAFTSMAN will prepare
and pub-
                 lish designs and descriptive plans for four Cottage Homes
in the near
future, limiting the cost of each below $1,5oo. Two of these cottages will
be given
in the March number.
   This special feature has been called forth by earnest requests from many
interested in the Homebuilders' Club, seeking low-cost but comfortable homes.
CRAFTSMAN gladly welcomes these frank expressions and is always willing to
A CRAFTSMAN'S In anticipation of the coming season at the shore and moun-
BUNGALOW               tains, the next in order of The Craftsman House Series
                       1905 will be in an original design, with accompanying
for a comfortable, modest, and practical Bungalow, adapted to the general
features and requirements of such temporary or permanent homes by the shore,
forest, or the stream, where Nature revels and man may rest. These plans
will appear
in the March number-in season for the spring building.
A DEN IN           A wall that can be kept clean,-what a boon to the thrifty
LEATHEROLE         wife! Until Leatherole and Sanitas were made and sold
for wall
AND SANITAS        covering, no other material for this purpose combined
beauty of de-
                   sign and of color with the qualities of durability and
common sense qualities which appeal alike to the home-maker, the business
man, the
hotel proprietor, to every one in fine, who has to face the problem of wall

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