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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Tulip ware of the Pennsylvania-German potters : an historical sketch of the art of slip-decoration in the United States

Chapter I: The settlement of eastern Pennsylvania by the Germans,   pp. [9]-16

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As early as 1683 German emigrants from the Upper
Rhine and the Palatinate began to arrive in Pennsylvania.
Others followed in 1685, 1698, 1706, and in 1709 there was a
large emigration from Switzerland to Lancaster county.
Between 1717 and 1727 there were many more arrivals, and
from that time on for fifty years the exodus from the father-
land continued in an ever increasing stream. They came
principally from the provinces near the Rhine, from Hesse,
Rhine Palatinate, Wiirtemberg, Baden, from Hesse Nassau
to the north, from Franconia on the east and from Switzer-
land on the south. Many came from the towns of Darmstadt,
Mannheim and Durlach on the east of the Rhine, and from
Worms and Kaiserslautern to the west, and numerous
other places along the upper and lower valley of the same
river. Hundreds of these immigrants settled in Philadelphia,
Montgomery, Bucks, Northampton, Lehigh, Berks, Schuyl-
kill, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster and York counties,
whence they gradually extended into other counties and
other states. Throughout this portion of southeastern
Pennsylvania they have left their impress in the names which
they gave to towns and townships, such as Tulpehocken from
Tiupe (Tulip) and Hocken (set in heaps), Franconia, Hanover.
The following extracts from The German and Swiss Set-
ticinents of Coloiiial Pcnnsvlvania, by Oscar Kuhns, will "give
a general view of the streams of immigration which flowed

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