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Sloan, Samuel, 1815-1884 / Sloan's homestead architecture, containing forty designs for villas, cottages, and farm houses, with essays on style, construction, landscape gardening, furniture, etc. etc.

Design VIII.: model residence for a physician,   pp. 106-110 ff.

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 might assume the several forms of piazza, summer
 kitchen or wood shed.    F and G are pantries, adjacent
 to which is a flight of private stairs.
   On the second floor, fig. 45, we find five chambers
 provided with closets; from the passage P, we ascend
 to the attic floor.  We must, however, not neglect the
 bath-roomS, lb and M; the former containing a water-
 closet, well ventilated by a flue                 I
connecting with     the range flue                 U
from the kitchen.     On the attic                 u
plan, fig 46, in which the perpen-
dicular dimensions of the rooms
are  obtained  entirely in   the
height of the       roog and the
light received from   the dormer         ~
windows,    the     chambers are          R
represented by R, S being the
hail, T the trunk-room, and U
closets.                               Fia. 46.-ATTIC FLOOR.
  CONSmUCTTON.-Thmis design is intended to be built
of brick, and rough-cast, and the roof overlaid with
shingles.   A little ornamentation bestowed on the
exposed ends of these would be in perfect keeping with
the style of the building.  The verandas should be of
oak, and stained a little so as to resemble old oak; sim-
ilar treatment might be bestowed on all the exposed
wood-work with very good effect,-of course observ-
ing that the external surface of the wall should
be colored  to      harmonize with  it.   The window
heads and chimney caps may be dressed stone.     The
interior should be finished up in a style of perfect
harmony with the exterior, substantial but not ornate.
The proprietor may exert his taste in the selection of

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